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Morsi Supporters Face-off with Anti-Morsi Protestors across Egypt

This post is a part of our Special Coverage Egyptians Overthrow Morsi

The much anticipated face-off between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and protesters who called for the ousting of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi took place today [July 6, 2013]. The drama unfolded live on television, and was broadcast by local and international channels. At least 17 people were killed and more than 400 protesters injured in clashes across Egypt today, which many on social media described as “expected” and “surreal.”

Ayman Mohyeldin, Foreign Correspondent for NBC News based in Egypt, tweets:

@AymanMThousands of pro-morsi protestors moving across October 6 bridge towards tahrir. Military helicopter flying above

The frontline of clashes on the Nile corniche. Photograph shared by @SherineT on Twitter

The frontline of clashes on the Nile corniche. Photograph shared by @SherineT on Twitter

Al Jazeera correspondent in Cairo Sherine Tadros adds:

@SherineT: Total mayhem here at Maspero. Thousands against thousands. Street battles. People injured lying on the ground

Maspero is the Egyptian state television and radio building in midtown Cairo, and is a few metres away from Tahrir Square, where anti-Morsi protestors are continuing to celebrate Morsi's ouster.

And Andy Carvin notes:

@acarvin: Surreal footage on aje now – over a dozen guys throwing rocks, each lit up by a green laser to be target by opposing side

All this was inside Cairo alone. Outside Cairo, clashes were also reported.

Mostafa Hussein writes:

@moftasa: Street wars still going on in Alexandria. Live coverage on Al Arabiya.

Thousands of pro-Morsi protestors cross the October 6 bridge. Photograph shared by @AymanM on Twitter

Thousands of pro-Morsi protestors cross the October 6 bridge earlier today. Photograph shared by @AymanM on Twitter

Mohamed Fadel Fahmy adds:

@Repent11: A journalist in Suez just called me saying intense clashes between army and pro-Morsi protesters. Gunshots and many injuries.

And Ahmed Mwaheb, from Ismailia, asks [ar]:

احا الجيش فين #الاسماعيلية في حرب شوارع و الاخوان معاهم كل انواع الاسلحة

@AhmedMwaheb: Where is the army? There is a street war in Ismailia and the Brotherhood have all sorts of weapons

The clashes, expected and feared by many, happen two days after Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate who became president a year ago, was ousted by the military following massive protests calling for his resignation and an end of the brotherhood's rule of Egypt.

Many point fingers at the military, the old regime and the Muslim Brotherhood for the clashes.

Philip Rizk notes:

@tabulagaza: Military/ old regime + brotherhood r to blame for the sick gun battles near tahrir. The hatred increases on both sides w every shot fired

And Mohammed Maree concludes:

الإخوان لن تقوك لهم قيامة بعد ذلك ، بعد هذة الدماء التى سالت ستحل جماعتهم ولن يمارسوا العمل السياسى

@mar3e: The Muslim Brotherhood will not have a future anymore. The blood spilled will dissolve their brotherhood and they will be banished from political life

The clashes continue at the time of filing this post.

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