On January 23, 2013, amid rising tensions with the Spanish government, the regional parliament of Catalonia approved by majority vote a Declaration of Sovereignty [ca] — seen widely as a prelude to a referendum on independence, expected to be held by 2014. Thanks to a diverse team of collaborators, the online Catalan-language publication Vilaweb [ca] has been able to offer the document in thirty-six languages. It is now available in: Afrikaans, EnglishArabic, Aragonese, ArpetanAsturian, Croatian, DanishSlovenian, Spanish, EsperantoBasque, FrenchGalicianGalician-Portuguese, Greek, HebrewHungarian, ItalianKhmer, Luxembourgish, DutchNorwegianOccitan, Aranese Occitan, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Sardinian, Serbian (in both the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets), Swedish, Turkish, Ukranian and Urdu.