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Malaysia: Bersih Demonstrations Around the Globe

While the Bersih (clean) demonstrations were going on in Kuala Lumpur last week, similar gatherings were being organised by Malaysians overseas. Johnny Ong posted a list of Bersih demonstrations that happened around the world in support to the demand for a clean and more democratic elections.

In Hong Kong it was reported that 400 people attended the event.

Bersih in Hong Kong. From Facebook of Temily Tianmay

Demonstrators outside the Malaysian Consulate. From Facebook of Ray Kok Rui Lau

In Melbourne, Australia about a thousand people were estimated to have attended:

In Melbourne's Federation Square. From Facebook of Daniel Loh

In Washington, DC, USA:

Bersih in Washington, DC. From Facebook of Leng-Feng Lee

In Los Angeles, USA:

Bersih in Los Angeles. From Facebook of SzeMin Sim

In Toronto, Canada:

Bersih in Toronto. From Facebook of Kevin Chong

In Auckand, New Zealand:

Bersih in Auckland. From Facebook of Chung Cheong Yung

In London, UK:

Bersih in London. From Facebook of Siok Jin Lim

In Dublin, Ireland:

Bersih in Dublin. From Facebook of Chloe Cheah

In Zurich, Switzerland:

Bersih in Zurich. From the Facebook of Chia Huei Kaivalya Tan

In Paris, France:

Bersih in Paris

And in Moscow, Russia, organisers requested the participants to take photos while wearing a mask to protect their identities:

Participants of Bersih in Moscow


  • Bo

    Dear friends,
    Why are the Taiwan events (3 in total) left out? In particular, the Taipei event, with over 600 people, would be the second largest on your list….

  • mcrnm

    For the unfamiliar (such as myself), Wikipedia has this (

    “The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections […] or Bersih (meaning clean in Malay) is a coalition of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which seeks to reform the current electoral system in Malaysia to ensure free, clean and fair elections.”


    “Global Bersih is a movement by Malaysian diaspora communities to lend support to Bersih and its cause.”

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