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Yemen: Friday of Victory for Syria and Yemen

This post is part of our special coverage Yemen Protests 2011.

Revolutionaries in both Syria and Yemen who have both been revolting against defiant despots and brutal regimes for months unified the name of their Friday demonstrations, in solidarity. On the “Friday of Victory to Syria and Yemen,” activists in both countries coordinated their efforts to share not only the same name, but the same banners, slogans, as well as audio and video materials.
Powerful chants for freedom to both Syria and Yemen were heard all over Sanaa's 60th Street on the “Friday of Victory to Syria and Yemen.” (Video posted by alabdulkadir)

In Taiz this Friday, protesters chanted in solidarity with Syria “we sacrifice our soul and blood for you Syria”. (Videos posted by: taizcitynet)

They chanted “the future is for the free, No Ali, no Bashar, the time of villains has passed, long live the Arab people”.

Protesters in Hodeidah chanted also for freedom to Syria and Yemen and solidarity to the revolutionaries in Dara'a. (Video posted by: shababalhodeidah)

Moving on to Syria, in Tadmor, Syrian protesters also chanted “Syria and Yemen are one.” (Videos posted by: SHAMSNN)

In Halab, protesters repeated a Yemeni chant “death rather than disgrace”

And in Idlib, Syria, protesters chanted in solidarity for Yemen.

This post is part of our special coverage Yemen Protests 2011.

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