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Iran: More protests planned on “Quds Day”

The protest movement in Iran continues to defy the Islamic Regime in different ways, from shouting ‘Allaho Akbar’ (God is Great) from rooftops at night (a common cheer at protests) to demonstrating on Quds (Jerusalem) Day.

The Quds Day, referring to the Arabic word for Jerusalem — takes place on September 18 this year. The Islamic Republic's authorities use this day to denounce Israel and show support for the Palestinians

But this year, the Iranian protest movement (Green Movement) who still dispute the election results that declared incumbent president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the winner in June, have decided to mark the occasion by defying the Iranian authorities and marching in the streets of Tehran and other cities once more.

Here is a video that showing a photo of Mir Hussein Mousavi, the reformist leader and main opposition candidate, attached to a bridge on Nyayesh Highway in Tehran, bearing this slogan: “Quds Day, Green Day”.

Several designs and photos announcing this event have appeared in Iranian online citizen media. Slogans and designs display the protest mood in country.

“Neither Lebaonon, Nor Gaza, my life is ready to be sacrificed for Iran”


“Quds Day, glorious green Iranian nation”


“Green is growing everywhere”


“All in Quds Day”qods2

Iranian blogger NiaclNsight writes:

“The 30th anniversary of the International Day of Quds will be Green this year, according to reformist websites in Iran.Opposition leaders Karroubi, Khatami, and Mousavi have all confirmed their participation in this important ceremony, which is traditionally held in every city of Iran.”

Mehrshad writes [fa] “…if you want to protest to the current situation, be green on Quds Day.”

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