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Egypt: Hijacked ship will be blown up

A few weeks after confirming the hijacking of an Egyptian ship by pirates of Somalia, Zeinobia reminds us again with the current status.
On one hand, according to the crew's families, negotiations have stopped regarding the ransom because the pirates refuse to lower it and because the owners of the ship, the “Blue Marine” company, are refusing to pay more than $100,000. Additionally, the food rations on board for the crew ran out over a week ago and there is no medical care for a crew member who was shot in his leg by the pirates.
On the other hand, the pirates already announced that they will blow the ship if their demands are not met by Saturday.

The pirates already announced tomorrow Saturday as a deadline ,if their demands are not met , they will blow the ship !! Yes in less than 48 hours the Blue star ship will be bombed and its crew will be killed if the demands of the Somali pirates are not met
Yesterday Thursday the families of the crew protested in front of the Blue Marine Company in the middle of Alexandria over the news that the company will abandon the ship

She further questions the Egyptian foreign ministry’s rule, as well who is responsible for this:

There 28 crew members on the board of the Blue star
I do not know where the hell is the Foreign Ministry?? Where are our army and our navy?? where are our naval special forces ??
I pray to God that the crew members return back to their families safe and the company gives the pirates the ransom they want even if they have to sell the company itself , we are talking about people , if those 28 crew members are killed their blood will be distributed equally between Blue Marine Co., Foreign Ministry ,the Egyptian Navy and any party who can help them in this crisis and did not do it.

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  • peter

    We must not forget that the blame lies solely on the pirates. They have hijacked a vessel and in doing so have endangered innocent lives, marine wildlife and free trade. Piracy of the coast of Somalia is said to have originated as a response to the threats posed to aquatic wildlife by shipping companies and its potential damaging effect on the Somali fishing industry. If this is true, blowing up the ship would contradict their original intention which in turn suggests that piracy has evolved into game of petty theft. Pirates use a “handbook” of scare tactics in negotiating ransoms and one of them typically urges the shipping company to act fast because crew members are in need of medical attention. Not all shipping companies are multi-billion dollar conglomerates that can meet the demands of the pirates. In order to combat piracy effectively the international community of state and nonstate actors must form a coordinated effort.

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