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India: Mistakes, Media and Mumbai

The terror attacks have brought more media attention to Mumbai. The world is now aware and cautious of the situations in India. Many countries have already issued travel advisory for the visitors to India. The English Cricket team has called off its participation in the upcoming test series. And the world-at-large probably has already forgotten and moved on to worry about other things.

‘CNN, MSNBC and FOX are good for nothing’, cries Ptcbus at ‘Random Rambles':

“I was trying to find out the latest happenings in Mumbai this evening. All that I was able to see was Anderson Cooper presenting some award to someone, Hannity’s America on Fox and some shady prison documentary on MSNBC. Why do they call themselves News Channels? I had to rely on websites from BBC and other Indian sites to find out the latest videos and news stories. What do these channels achieve by keeping the American population ignorant of world news? American media: Shame on you.
- -
2227 Hrs Nov 27: The only news channel that is broadcasting any news about the Mumbai attacks right now is CNBC (which is a business news channel). Pathetic!”

Local Mumbai newspapers: Image by Flickr user James Cirdland, used under a Creative Commons License

Let’s turn our focus to the Indian media, was their lack of digression a mistake? Could they have done any better to support the local police? Did they do a pathetic job as well? ‘Yes!’ replies Veetrag in his post, ‘Pennies prevail over prudence’:

“One disappointing thing that has emerged is irresponsibility of media. Role of media is to provide information to the public but in a proper way and taking care of that they are not divulging important information. I am watching TV channels – NDTV, IBN-CNN, India TV, Sahara Samay, Star News and many other and have realized that none of them are doing their job properly. In this unfortunate event they are trying to sensationalize the information and acting irresponsibly.
First mistake they are making is providing sensitive information such as movement of NSG and Police forces to public. I am sure, this information is not useful to public at this time. At this time, people need to find out where their relatives are, who is injured, which hospitals are people taken to, what blood type is needed and where. These are much more important information if provided to public it would be helpful.  Yes, people need to know what area are safe, what is the progress but giving step by step information is not useful. There are rumors (and probably true) that the same information is retrieved by terrorists and can be used against the brave souls who are trying to protect our lives.”

Has Mumbai survived this onslaught? Or have the insurgents prevailed? SriRam Vadlamani notes at his blog Indianomics:

“Were they successful?
•    BSE and NSE the two important stock exchanges were closed on Thursday
•    India’s sovereign rating by S&P revisited but remains intact.
•    England pulls out of the cricket series and re-think the coming test series.
•    Champions league is postponed.
•    Most countries issued travel advisory.
•    Hotels and aviation stocks are losing more than 6% in today’s trading.”

He notes amongst other things that the Indian GDP is seen at 7.6%. Inflation is down to 8.84%, which he adds, ‘is something to cheer about’ and shows some positive signs:

“Terrorists were successful to some extent. But, Sensex was much more resilient and matured in its behavior. It did not tank 1000 odd points because of panic. Only select stock like aviation and hotel sectors took a beating, which is expected. Tourism, aviation and hotel sectors will see a downturn from now on, but the other sectors should be able to pick the mood up. The mood might be down for a few months but India will bounce back. If there is positive which can be take out of this, it is the resilience of India, its economy and most importantly its people.”

This post is part of the Global Voices coverage on the terror attacks in Mumbai, India on November 26, 2008.


  • Aparna

    I might as well go ahead and accuse CNN-IBN of aiding the terror-mongers. Its 5:00 PM in India and CNN_IBN has George Koshy reporting LIVE on the grenade launch by the NSG at the Taj in such details and focussing their camera images at the target and the NSG launcher that such information can be of help to no one except the terrorists and possibly harmful to the security or the public.

  • ganesh

    In India, We have this unfortunate habit of tolerating incompetence everywhere. If any government official is not able to do his/her job they should be fired or they should be asked to resign. Home Minister should have already resigned. What is his job? To safe guard the country. He failed, so he better resign and lets have someone else to do the job. Let’s give more press coverage to Army, Navy and Police top offcials. They’ll be honest and straight forward and say to the people of india if they are succeeding against terrorism. We don’t want to hear from our stupid external affairs minister or Home Minister that we should be resilient and ready to face another terror strike. We need assurance. can they assure me that we will be safe. If not, will they resign? The corporate world is much better in this sense. If we are not doing what we are supposed, we’re either fired or asked to resign. US was attacked and in a month, Afghanistan got demolished. India got attacked, not once, twice but more than 5-6 times in this year alone. Let’s see what India does. I want my tax money back from Government of India. If you’re not ready to protect or assure me of protection, why should I pay tax anymore. I am very worried about the future of this country. India is in need of an Obama. I hope I see an Obama from India atleast in my lifetime.

  • Vishwanath

    I am currently posted outside India so i caught most of the news on CNN.What was very disappointing to see,especially,coming from a highly respected organisation like CNN is their lack of coherence in presenting information to the people.The situation was really confusing and almost all media outlets were adding to the commotion by bringing out Yellow-marked Breaking News which made absolutely no sense as they themselves were unsure of what was happening.One primary example:the Hostage situation.Does the media really know the meaning of a Hostage situation?As far as i know there was only one clear hostage situation which happened(as per the account of a British citizen) and that too for a very short while.No negotiations,No demands,Nothing remotely resembling like hostage situation in any other instance.But right since Wednesday night,I have been watching breaking News relating to Hostage situation.”People locking themselves up inside hotel rooms to save themselves not knowing who is outside their door is surely not a hostage situation”.And as many people came out of thei hotels on Thursday,It was clear that there was no hostage situation at all.
    SO wil the media try and be a little more authentic instead of being sensationalist?

  • I have been following the news channel in US- CNN and MSNBC and I am amazed at how self absorbed some of these reporters were. The only thing they have been/are concerned about are how this affects America, or how dangerous things could turn for America or how many lives of Americans have been lost. I have to remind them that they are reporters which means they need to be objective about how and what they report. I understand the need to be selfish about the situation, but you need to understand they literally lives being lost nationality be Darned.. Please be a little more EMPATHETIC to the tragedy that surrounds Mumbai and the people who trying their very best to fight against such tragedy.

    One more thing I need to mention. How is it that this is being compared to the 9/11 and the American reporters are worried about how India would wage war against another Nation. Do I need to remind US that after their 9/11, THEIR so called war against Afghanistan was waged. WHY DIFFERENT RULES FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE.
    About the lady who said– the 19 million mumbaities arent rich and people who have been staying in the TAJ are mostly FOREIGNERS… MY GOD your conceit. PLEASE pay attention to your media pictures…… Please… out of the lives that have been lost 6 turned out to be foreigners and the rest are INDIANS MAAM ….
    Please turn your blinders and selfishness off… please respect lives.. THATS your JOB.

  • paul

    India TV transcripts of the phone call with terrorists is more sanitised and seems more manipulative to force them to agree that they are from pakistan or pakistan behind them.

    Listen to your self. you will see different picture.

    there is more humanness in his emotions than the India TV Journalist who wants to extract information .

    If so , these terrorists seems to be influenced by Hindi Movie Rang De Basante. ?

    Though is all round propaganda going on westren media in US and India probably else where also , which is out of proportion to the death toll. Western Media depicts india as Incompetent so does its indian counterparts like Time Now and CNN IBN .
    India always had attacks where 100’s of people died. Why suddently Now ?.
    western media did so after 911, before intrusion of afghanistan, Iraq and so.
    Are they planning to invade first as security consultants and then slowly trying the security people , hidden death squads, getting billions of dollars of contracts and Gold etc.
    We should better understand the game played in the name of Terror and shocks. Every country faced shocks , see these video’s for the end results. who are the beneficiaries of all it.

  • Isaac Washington

    I am not sure who the female anchor woman was that anchored the breaking news before Fredricka Whittfield today at 8:00 am CST, but I can say that she not only came across as being snobby but also rude. Perhaps she doesnt realize that the reporter who allowed her voice to crack in elation of the situation ending was a perfectly normal reaction even for a reporter. But then to make the sny remark that the phone connection went bad because of computers, being Dell, which is located in India, came across as condisending. Who ever the anchor woman was, obviously doesn’t understand that this type of reporting just wont do. Hopefully someone gets her the message that this is not the type of reporting that the viewers want to watch.

  • Ruhie

    Zee news has a foreign news edition, they had a news piece on the mumbai terror attacks, to my horror they sensationalised the news, used pre-recorded gun shots noise and, kept using as back ground sounds…bang-bang-bang-bang…disgusting, stop making a mockery out of it, absolutely ridiculous!

  • Charles Maloney

    Let’s get one thing exquisitely clear: those responsible for the violence in Mumbai are not “terrorists.” They are religious people…period.

    These valiant crusaders of rectitude conveniently come in the Big Three flavors, and more, although they all produce identical side-effects of murder, repression of women, and myths of gargantuan deception.

    Ain’t religion wonderful? Either you believe in the Torah, Koran, or the Bible completely–as the definitive word of whatever deity you love to fear–or it’s bunk.

    No picking and choosing to match your particular suburb.

    Sometimes I really fantasize that the world’s most devout could find one place where they could all gather and finally carve each other up as to “whose right.”

    Meanwhile the rest of us could join hands in addressing the real problems of our mutual world.

  • Charles Maloney

    I guess commentary posted on Global Voices has some “sanitizing” process? I’m sorry, it’s called “moderation,” right?

    Maybe this forum isn’t the best for the hottest, most truthful part of the flame.

    I think even the Taliban have a “compliance committee.” The Catholics embrace such a Honor Squad, as well. The Israeli’s simply bomb those pesky Palestinians.

    Ahhh…..theocracy! Let’s hope the religious right can revive it here in “Amurika!” Shit-howdy! Then we can overturn Roe v. Wade and create some real hell for all them “hooomoooe-sexxx-you–alllls!”

  • Rakiah

    these British and American news channels have shown in this crisis, how they see “non-british” and “non-american” as, they have shown that if you are not an american or british then we dont give a damn about you! I mean, the tragedy happened in India didnt it? then why in the world are they concerned about its impacts on the American and British people. why arent they showing the Indian aspect; the ones who lost everything!

  • Madhulika

    Many ppl here in chennai are not able to catch the news as the tv s are not available due to continous rainfall for over 3 days .
    I m actually catchin all the news on CNN , where there is live tv and its from there that i found live news on CNN-IBN
    So actually CNN-IBN themselves do not have a live tv and i thank CNN international here

  • Sanjay, Milwaukee, WI

    Although CNN has done a cgood job of covering the Mumbai tragedy, it is yet again an American view of the world. CCN’s anchors continue to make judgements on the air about the situation. Who are they to question why the indian government declined help form the Americans and others, how do they know that the cellular service in India is “unrelaible”, etc. They continue to “spin” the news rather than persent it.

    I would switch to unbiased coverage by or some other real news channel versus a propaganda macine like CNN

  • NKM

    To see what is happening in India today is to look in the rear view mirror of what we did wrong in Sri Lanka. When we suffered terrorist attacks, we blamed it on foreign interference, namely India. India does the same today: the Prime Minister in a televised message blamed a “group based outside the country”. Both countries have failed to realize that the root of the problem is not outside our shores; the problem lies within. Messages from the Indian public are scrolled continuously on NDTV, most of them blaming the government for inadequate security and calling for a severe crackdown on terrorism (as if they weren’t already trying all this time). Not one message asked the question: “what drove these Indians to do this to other Indians?” …

    So here’s a word of advice from a Sri Lankan to our big neighbour. Don’t go down the path we have taken. Don’t be tempted to sacrifice the freedom of another for your own safety. Be smarter than us. Look within and find the disease that is causing this fever called terrorism. For now, your terrorists seem to be ad hoc groups of lethal young men. With every attack in your country a new terrorist group with a new label takes credit. That’s how it starts. The day will come when a determined and motivated leader manages to coalesce the many fingers of extremism into a hard-hitting fist, with an ideology as compelling as it is evil. When that happens, you will pay a price in blood and sorrow for generations to come. We know this because we have seen it all before.

  • Pupster

    Just wanted to say that as a New Yorker, my thoughts are with the people of Mumbai and India.

    I make no excuses for the ignorance and insensitivity of some US TV news anchors, but there are plenty in the public who are following the events through many sources. Attacks of this nature are attacks on all of us, and we must combat it by pulling closer together rather than being ripped apart.

    Blessings on the commandos who are risking their lives to save others. Blessings on the people of Mumbai. Our hearts are with you.

  • An American in Awe

    I was reading through the posts above and as an American I want to say that, I’d love to see India’s media networks here in America to get the “non-american” slant on what has taken place. Unfortunately, it seems that our American media is everywhere in the world for all to see and the media of every other culture is so localized that we don’t have a chance to hear the “other” side of the story.

    Please understand that most American’s suffer the same indignation with the American media as do our counterparts throughout the world. Propoganda is a weapon and our media networks know this only too well. Regardless of how they portray the situation, please know that many of us (Americans) are gravely concerned and wish only the best for our friends in India! May the light and warmth of a new day shine on you and yours.

  • Karen P

    I am an American writing to this blog to see what the real conditions are.

    My friend and her husband and baby will be traveling to India to go visit his father (her husband is Indian with an American passport.) She is scared because of the travel restrictions suggested on our news. Is this true? They are traveling to show the baby to his father for the first time, but they are a little scared due to reports about this violence.

    What’s the real story?

  • wow, wise words from a Sri Lankan! thanks–

    yes, we certainly should learn from our neighbour’s experience. these events are so much more complex than the media likes to make out.

    you learn to read between the lines of CNN etc, at least they’re devoting so much coverage to it. for those of us who have no access to NDTV, IBN-CNN this is a comfort.

  • alberta treadway

    It is sad that our American news only think in terms of how this could effect them or the Brit’s/americans there. This is more reason News channels need to learn how people look at the way they report! They want to sationalize everything, and make it a sitcom, instead of good journalism. They told so many lie’s during this election/covered so many lie’s from others, we are lucky at all the people wish’s to have Obama as Prez became a reality! Fox has become a joke, and CNN is becomeing a joke right behind it. We don’t need guts and gore! We need to wait for facts and show compassion to those in India who are suffuring, and I hope Obama brings all countries together in a dignified way to fight this kind of behaviors!

  • rchakra

    CNN-IBN is interviewing Mahesh Batt for so long. Who needs a filmmakers opinion at this hour?
    I think since the media channels have been asked not to air live shots, they dint find anything to fill their airtme

  • Peg

    My deepest sympathies to the people of Mumbai and India. The American media are being blamed for not covering enough and for covering too much (i.e., letting the terrorists know what the authorities are doing). First, consider that this occurred on our national holiday of Thanksgiving, when virtually all news staff are off and only skeleton crews are on duty. The principal shows mentioned and complained of were programmed long before this tragedy. Second, the networks cannot make any more sense of ongoing developments than the local government, and it had imposed a blackout. (The desperate desire for knowledge is competing with the need to protect the government forces; we wish networks would be more careful about broadcasting tactical information.) Third, American talking heads feel a need to fill the empty air; we are stuck with these same airheads all year round. Our news anchors will, however, logically speculate upon the relationship between this tragedy and our country because, well, they are American networks.

  • C Ghosh

    The brutal attack that has taken place is truly shocking. However, there has been many attacks on Indian Cities and the Government seem to have doing nothing in terms of catching the perpetrators. The whole police and anti-terrorism organizations inside the government seem to be incapable or lack the will to fight terrorism. This is a major failure of the government and victory for the terrorist forces and will go down as another sad day in history.

  • Wade Nelson

    >The only thing they have been/are concerned about are how this affects America, or how dangerous things could turn for America or how many lives of Americans have been lost.

    The ONLY people the terrorists INTENTIONALLY rounded up and isolated for possible massacre were those holding American or British passports. True?

    So forgive us if we act concerned about our own.

    And btw, millions of Americans disagreed with the war-mongering actions of George W Bush that brought about widespread hatred by Muslims worldwide; that’s why we elected Obama.

  • Chaitali Das

    Our friend from south suggests that we look inside. Yeah sure, I did and found that after having their fair share of resource in India, Muslim population failed to progress because of their own fault. They prefer to send their children to Madrassa where no modern topics are taught and then expect jobs and chances to line up for them! They don’t follow family planning and have more children than they can afford and thus putting themselves in perpetual poverty. Then they go on ranting against the majority that we are oppressing them! Who told them to stay here in the first place; they got their own country after partition and drove almost all the Hindus from there. The fact that we have more Muslims in India than Pakistan is a testimony to our secular credential. They have much freedom and facility here than any minority anywhere in the world. And still, their youths jobless may be like many from other religion or pockets in India take up arm and start killing fellow Indians in name of religion. They started in the 90′s with Kashmir with the systematic killing of Kashmiri Pandits but the world chose to close their eyes and ears. Now they do it in all the parts of India. So we don’t have to see inward, if any so called moderate Indian Muslim is reading it, please start rectifying your community before blaming others!!

  • Mani Kumar

    Let me start with how sad it is to see the city that is a true cosmo come under fire like this.

    But again it is not shocking to see such a tense drama. India is highly unsafe from past 10

    years. The government, and security forces are 10 steps behind the extremists. They dont seem

    to think out of the box and unfortunately that makes the extremists bold. India is stuck with a

    legacy of Mahatma Gandhi (who no doubt was the greates). Even today in such trecherous times we

    keep reminding ourselves that our nation is non-aggressive and eventually we do NOTHING. All the politicians are content with getting elected every 5 years and making their money once elected. They don’t give a damn about the country. We will see this kind of junk even

    more going forward. The only way to STOP this nonsense is by attacking Pak occupied Kashmir and

    destroying the extremist camps there. All of us knows who did it but the Government has no

    courage to say so. SHAME ON the Politicians.
    Oh by the way, those idiot bystanders need to go home and get a life.

  • danusgram

    Message to all of you over there hear that sound that is the sound of the big vacuum cleaner sucking the jobs you guys took from American back to this country. No corporation is going to use your country for workers it is too dangerous and yes that is our concern as these are american concerns not Indian in so you can stop attacking the Americsn news media they have go report this based on our investments there. Say bye bye to your outsourcing scheme….that has hurt so many American famulies

  • while the attacks by themselves are shocking, the callous reaction of the India TV channels has been depressing beyond imagination.. cant understand if they even realise the levels they are stooping down to.

  • Karen P

    Some American’s are just idiots. There are many people who do not hold Indians responsible for taking American’s jobs. Do not listen to the idiot posting prior.

    We feel for you and your country, just like you felt for us when we were under attack.

    Stop using this attack as a way to spew hateful talk and creating more resentment to American’s worldwide.

    We are so sorry that extremism has once again hit your shores.

  • Thanks Karen P. I was beginning to think that it might all have been a plot by Americans who feel that ‘outsourcing’ and India unfairly ‘took away’ their jobs…they dreamed up this diabolical scheme to get back their jobs.

    except that one gets the feeling this was meticulously planned and executed…these guys seemed to be pros…

  • sanjeev

    Although the Indian commandos did a commendable job, it was shameful to watch the level of training and equipments with the Mumbai police and other forces which were involved in combatting these terrorists. Our prime priority now should be to invest in acquring training and equipments of International standards alongwith investing in high class intelligence. Only this can equip us better for the future.

  • Dario

    It is terrible what happened in India. Americans, British and Jews deliberately targeted and Indian bystanders killed by Islamic terrorism, but this is not new. And I am afraid it will continue. It will continue as long as India as a Nation continues to support Islamic terrorism all over the world by voting with them at the UN, by condemning every attempt another nation is doing to protect their civilians from the murderers that take cover under Islam, and it will continue as long as India does not realize that parroting Arab and Muslim propaganda as if they were the victims and not the real perpetrators, does not grant them an insurance policy against Islamic terrorism worldwide. It is time for all the civilized and progress-seeking nations to stand up against this retarded form of religious interpretation and get their forces together to fight Islamic terrorism everywhere, be it India, Spain, UK, US or Israel. If they do not understand that this is the only solution, they will see themselves in deep s… when Muslims come to demand their payment from them, in the form of blood and lifes of innocent people, as they are doing now in Mumbay.

  • A-jay

    Does anybody know how many Muslims have been killed in Gujrat? How many children got orphaned every week in Kashmir, how many muslim women and girls have been raped this month?. No idea? or you guys do not want to know what is happening with muslims in and around India. India itself is creating terrorist by doing unimaginable crimes with the Muslims and I am not surprised to see a group of volitile hot-blooded angry boys who’s sisters and mother have been raped, or father, brothers, sons and daughters killed by So-called security forces are taking Indian forces on. If you cannot do something good to their grief just think something better about them. First of all I do not believe this is the group of angry muslims boys, (the drama has been plotted by Indian gov.)And if they are the attackers then we can figure out who is responsible for this. No one is gone-head to risk his live without purpose or revenge. We need to find out what is the motive behind this, Purpose or Revenge.

  • JZ

    They should release full transcripts in all languages of the phone calls as this is knowledge that the public should be given. People are being lied to throughout the world and it is in the full release of these tapes. These people did terrible things but people need to see the full transcripts to allow them to make their own judgement about what their government may get them into next. The governments of the non muslim world were supposed to quietly kill muslims whilst making the small minority of voters in thier countries happy. They have failed and people like in America want change. It will take India sometime to come to that realisation, if at all?

  • [...] People have also been getting their news from citizen journalists through twitter, flickr and blogs. The internet has become such an important means for transmitting news that the main stream media [...]

  • Dario

    Hey, A-Jay, the old trick of blaming the victim does not work anymore, didn’t they tell you? It still works when Muslims are blaming Israel in the UN, but that’s it. Nobody else will take that s… anymore from you or your peers. You mention \sisters and mother have been raped, or father, brothers, sons and daughters killed…\. Do you know how many Christian sisters, mothers and daughters are being raped on a daily basis by the Muslim Palestinians?? It is hard to find one that has not been raped in their territories, specially in the area of Bettlehem. Also, more Muslims are killed on the hands of Muslims than on the hands of anyone else. Still, nobody else goes out and target helpless Americans, British and Jews by the hundreds, although your kind friends from Pakistan actually intended thousands. So don’t give us that crap saying \look inside yourself to find those who are guilty\ – this is an old Muslim trick that takes advantage of the way of thinking of the modern, civilized world, but it does not work anymore. We know this is a retarded interpretation of the Islam that is taking over the mentality of those youngsters who actually grew up in Muslim controlled areas, and it’s there where we should look for those who are responsible. They and only they are the attackers, the perpetrators, the murderers, the blood thirsty monsters, and that’s it. No one else.

  • jack snyder

    Americans are either a naive or stupid lot. Last month some voted for a man who did not know how many houses he owned and for a lady that did not own a passport until last year. Most idea of foreign affairs is eating at a TexMex all you can eat cafe where at least the waiter speaks Spanish.

    When American newsmen visit India they stay at an American hotel and do as little real investigative reporting as possible. If the body count is not American most good Christian White people do not give a bug.

    Do you expect Americans to have some historical knowledge of India, most do not know who is buried in Lincoln’s tomb.

  • ella

    @ jack snyder

    Od course, americans are so naive and/or stupid that they still lead in science and technology.

    As for american newsmen who stay at american hotel – last year BBC was covering events in Pakistan (a fight between army and tribal people). Their reporter said that they could reach the the place only by helicopter. At the same time a reporter from Denmark made unobstructed way there driving by car on the road. You also forgot, conveniently, long dead journalist, Daniel Pearl, who did not stay at the american hotels – he ended up dead.

    finally you are forgetting that most journalists are using a “natives” to help them find their way around, for knowledge of people/customs and sometimes for translation purposes.

    Give me a break. The biggest number of muslims killed is killed by their brothers, muslims.

    And finally, I hope that we all will get a good information who, exactly, did the atrocities in Mumbai, but at the moment everything points out on muslim terrorist group probably backed by pakistan.

  • A-jay

    For the people still commenting biased, and for the minds still needs to grow up, please read the comments posted on Sunday November 30 in Guardian Uk by the Literary Prize winner William Dalrymple. This person knows a lot about the subcontinent situation and he regularly visits India, Pakistan Middleast.

    According to him
    “India meanwhile continues to make matters worse by its ill-treatment of the people of Kashmir, which has handed to the jihadis an entire generation of educated, angry middle-class Muslims. One of the clean-shaven boys who attacked CST railway station – now named by the Indian media as Mohammad Ajmal Mohammad Amin Kasab, from Faridkot in the Pakistani Punjab – was wearing a Versace T-shirt. The other boys in the operation wore jeans and Nikes and were described by eyewitnesses as chikna or well-off. These were not poor, madrasah-educated Pakistanis from the villages, brainwashed by mullahs, but angry and well-educated, middle-class kids furious at the gross injustice they perceive being done to Muslims by Israel, the US, the UK and India in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kashmir respectively.” He adds “In the months ahead, we are likely to see a security crackdown in India and huge pressure applied to Pakistan to match its pro-Indian and pro-Western rhetoric with real action against the country’s jihadi groups. But there is unlikely to be peace in South Asia until the demands of the Kashmiris are in some measure addressed and the swamp of grievance in Srinagar somehow drained. Until then, the Mumbai massacres may be a harbinger of more violence to come.”
    Now can you please read the matter posted by me.? Are we still able to get to the roots of the problem?
    Please take some time and get yourself educated about the subcontinet and Middleeast political situation.

  • It is also necessary to take stock of how the British and US media covered the Mumbai tragedy.

    London’s Evening Standard on 28 November, besides The Daily Mirror and The Telegraph on the 29th November were all keen to claim a scoop for reporting an alleged (but unsubstantiated) link between the culprits in Mumbai with Britain’s Muslim communities.

    One is surprised how armchair commentators are being accorded spotlight for idle second guessing and lazy finger pointing. Among hasty commentators, Douglas Murray wrote a comment piece in the Daily Express dated on the 29th November, while Ed Hussain volunteered his two cent’s worth on Channel Four News on the 29th November.

    Sections of the US electronic media too appeared desperate to offer anything that could attract viewers to their channels. On Friday 28 November,CNN’s Sitauaion Room was still running several hours old footage as live, ‘breaking news.’ Perhaps the ethical need to clearly identify items recorded earlier was set aside in the rush for ratings. Credibility did not appear as a high priority during those hours for many eager to jump the guessing game bandwagon.

    Think tanks and the media, which advance “form over substance, celebrity over ideas” plague the public discourse, warn Stefan Halper and Jonathan Clarke adding: At times of crisis, the nuanced and expert advice of — “career professionals, scholars, analysts and others working in government and at universities and think tanks — is sidelined or ignored, while emotional sloganeering is amplified by 24/7 cable news and Internet chatter that prize raucous confrontations between fervent avatars of the right and the left. Reasoned analysis is shoved to the sidelines, and critics of the party or faction in power are often accused of being unpatriotic or disloyal.”

    Can one expect that views of genuine experts will be solicited by the media to offer cautious, well-informed and learned opinion about something they have evidence for?

  • Dario

    Hey A-Jay, if I would be you, I would choose something more balanced than The Guardian to quote from. What did you expect them to say? That the Muslims are those to be blamed? Come in, this means you don’t really know what The Guardian is about – it is one of the most biased newspapers in the UK, singled out time and again for it’s continous distortion of reality. It works like this: they have a very strong opinion just like yourself (i.e. everybody else is guilty, except for the Musilms), and following that opinion they write their articles, they quote people, etc. Please look for something more profound to quote from – The Guardian does not account. Also, regarding this specific quote, there are real cases of injustice every where, most of them committed by Muslims and people who support them like Chavez and others. Still, I do not see anyone except Muslims going out with rifles, granades, explosives and kill by the hundreds, although they meant thousands. Don’t you see there is something that has gone terribly wrong with the Muslims? Don’t you understand that the fact that Muslims are sure that taking the life of innocent people who have nothing to do with anything, just because they observe a different culture and/or religion than Islam, is just the worst form of racism? This is something you should condemn instead of condomning it all the time and looking for poor excuses like the ones that The Guardian is providing you. But we all know that looking for excuses style “the raped women is the one to be blamed” is widespread and accepted in the Muslim traditional culture.

  • [...] The terror attacks have brought more media attention to Mumbai. The world is now aware and cautious of the situations in India. Many countries have already issued travel advisory for the visitors to India. The English Cricket team has called off its participation in the upcoming test series. And the world-at-large probably has already forgotten and moved on to worry about other things. [link] [...]

  • Chaitali Das

    Answering Mr A-Jay, I like to say that my grandmother was from Bangladesh and was driven out from there in the 50′s because she was a Hindu. Another relative from my father’s side who stayed in Chittagong was shot dead during the Liberation of Bangladesh in their home because they were Hindus. I have also, from time to time, come across many families even in recent times who have left Bangladesh because their daughters were not safe there being Hindu.

    Now tell me, should I start giving money and support to Hindu groups who will avenge them by bombing innocent people in Dhaka. Because that is exactly, according to you is the reason for Mumbai attack

  • Excellent article, loved the dialogue after. Well done Javits. At the end of the day, it’s all about ratings. The sooner we realize the reality of our situation. The better. And what pray tell is that reality. The smokescreen that we call the news is merely “gussied up” entertainment.

  • Shadeen

    you are saying thAt muslims are killing themselves and then the muslim terrorist are targeting helpless american,bristishs etc. if so is the case then can you tell me what is going on in iraq,afghanistan,chechnia,arakan,philistine,lebanon?
    what is happening there? millions of muslims are killed every year! out of them maybe 5000 are terrorists but what about the other people. arent they helpless. if islam is a religion of terrorsits, whose hobby is to kill innocent,helpless americans, then why is islam the fastest growing religion in the USA? i have in my life heard for the first time a european newspaper to be biased towards muslim. really funny. terrorists have no religion. does the quran say “go and kill innocent people” no it doesnt. but people like you try to potray that. there are blacksheeps in every community,religion. but it is always muslim terrorists who the media tend to pick up .in gujrat muslims were burnt alive, why ? because politicians manupulated normal peoples feelings and encouraged hindus to do so. so please refrain for blaming the whole muslim community for the sins that a few headless terrorists have commited.

  • Shadeen

    chaitali das,
    i live in dhaka. and your accusations that hindus cannot live safely in bangladesh is simply baseless. bangladesh is the most secular country in the whole region. in my country there are mosques and mandirs just beside it. pujas and eids get the same importance from our govt. about your fathers relative being shot. the pakistani army did that and you forgot to mention that during tha war muslims were also killed by the paksitanis. so please make all facts clear in the blog or people are going to start thinking that bangladesh is also another country where minorities are tortured

  • Chaitali Das

    The same I can say about Kolkata. I personally today brought “semai” that was being sold for coming Eid because I like to make the sweet. Durga Puja is celebrated here by everyone including muslims. So why then people like A-jay keep on harping on Muslims been targeted here and so we deserve the attack on Mumbai?

    That is beside the point. My point is, every religion is minority in some country and majority in another. And minorities in every country get harassed either directly or indirectly; and that is not due to their religion but because they are less in number. This sounds bad but that is a reality. Even in western countries, you will find minority groups which are regularly complaining of harassment.

    But except Muslim majority countries, no majority country supports or helps terrorist attack on another country where they are the minorities. Can you deny that? And as for facts, I can give you many but you will deny them as biased because they are from western or Indian media. As for the media in your country, can you tell me why Shahriyar Kabir was arrested?

  • Dario

    Shadeen, I am sick and tired of this “not all muslims are terrorists”. However, you must agree that almost all terrorists are indeed Muslims. With regards to all those places you mentioned, you are mentioning them as if the people who leave there where just taking care of their livestock and fields, and suddenly someone came and killed them. You know this is not the case. You know (or should know) that in Lebanon there was a recognized border, backed by a UN resolution, that Hizbollah decided to deliberately trespass and kill Jews. Furthermore, after they killed them, they started negotiations over dead bodies and parts of bodies – now if this is not degenration of human kind, I don’t know what is then. And Hizbollah, by the way are not Christians not jews – they are Muslims. Also, the vast majority of those killed in Lebanon are Christians, and they are being murdered by the Muslims. Regarding Palestine, the same story. They were in a peace process and then came the terrorists attacks in Israel deliberately targeting civilians. If this is not terrorism, you tell me what it is. Now the modern Muslim equation has degenerated into this: We kill your civilians, and the more, the better. If you try to defend youself by killing our killers, then this is wrong and we will have all the right to kill more civilians from your people. Isn’t it incredible? But this is how it works in Palestine. The quran does not say “go and kill innocent people” because this sounds madness – the quran has been written in a more sophisticated manner: it says convert to Islam or die. At the end of the day, the result is the same. If you are innocent people who do not want to convert then you must die – isn’t it the same?
    I will continue to speak up about how Muslim communities tolerate and even justify mass killing of innocent by their own people. Instead of vomiting these people and denying them any assistance, they are covering them, supporting by donating money, providing training camps like in Pakistan, etc. In this case, where innocent civilians are being murdered by the hundreds and the thousands, the 3-monkeys attitude (didn’t see, didn’t hear, didn’t say) is not an option for the Muslim community, because, as we say in spanish, quien calla otorga – being silent is allowing. And yes, The Guardian is the “Pravda” of the UK, it always finds rational justifications for something that is in it’s basis a religious terrorism. Go and read to see what I am talking about before responding.

  • ella


    It seems that in Iraq more muslims are killed by their brothers then by the americans. Furthermore shia got finally have a say in the Iraqi government they did not have during Saddam era.
    In Afghanistan taliban started to kill people for less than a covert glance from burka. Not only that but Taliban nowadays exports and produce drugs which then go through Iran. It can afford to buy ammunition thanks to that export, but thanks to than export people of Iran have one of the highest incidence of drug use in the world. And it also affects Pakistan, more and more Pakistanis are drug addicts, although the data is difficult to get.
    Chechnia was ok (they hated russians, and they tried to fight for their country) Then come “afghans” with money from Gulf States. Now, Chechnya is in poor state, much worse then before and I think that many of chechiens hate equally your arab brothers and ruskies. In fact they hate everybody equally, the people who try to help them, the people who they fight and the people who help them fight.
    There are no headless terrorists, there are terrorists supported by community who has as its motto “don’t tell on your brother”, “don’t say bad things about your brothers to others”, “don’t talk” If terrorists were not supported by money they wouldn’t be able to do what they do. So tell me who gives them money for ammunition, for living, for training – a tiny people from mars?
    Oh, and talking about philistine – recently there was an article in a news. Hamas prevented people from Gaza to go for hajj because they were supposed to go with people from West Bank (PA). The title in as sharq al awsad is “has hamas lost his mind” That is your philisitne?

    And Dario is right. Guardian was always left-leaning, and it is his policy to try to find justification for excesses of believers of certain religion… is the policy of BBC, as admitted by one of its honchos.

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