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India: Blasts, Gunfire and Terror in Mumbai

In a series of blasts and shoot outs, the city of Mumbai appears to have come under attack. According to the news, there appear to be at least seven different locations in the city that have been attacked. In an unprecedented sort of terror, a combination of gun fire, blasts, grenade blasts have been used to attack cinema halls, hotels, hospitals, and other public places. A mainsteam media report states

At least four people are reported to have been killed and 15 are injured as unidentified groups of gunmen opened fire in at least four places across south Mumbai on Wednesday night.

In a one line post, a view on markets and life evokes the confusion and shock of the event.

Sirens outside my window. Please make it a safe night.

On Twitter, several people are tweeting from Mumbai, and there appears to be very little information available. There is some amount of speculation if this is indeed a terror attack. Mumbai used to witness gang wars, but these haven't been heard of in a decade. Twittering Mumbai

An online community for engineers posts the events as they happen

10 minutes before (10:45 PM IST) there is an Open Firing and Explosion reported in South Mumbai. Till now there is no Casualities reported. Atleast 15 Injured and 1 policeman injured. AK47 used in Firing .

So far 5 Confirmed Incidents reported in Shooting. 3 Confirmed Dead !

Firing reported in CST (Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal), Taj Hotel, Colaba Causeway and VT Station. Reports Confirmed its a Terror Attack. In VT Station atleast 15 people Feared Injured.

A post at Retributions reminds us that the threat of terror is very real in India. A post at Staccato articulates a similar thought – of the mindless terror attacks that have repeatedly struck various cities in India.

Bomb blasts in Bombay as we speak.
Phones jammed. Can't reach my family.
I've gone through this before.
Not panicking.

Another post echoes the fear and helplessness.

it is extremely scary to watch all this on the news.
i'm immoderately shaking in fear right now. i never get so shaken up by news. it's the distance that's doing this. if i was in bombay i might not have been watching the news so carefully.

People in the city blog the sheer shock. The attacks have come at a late hour, and after the office rush hour. Himadri writes

There was this friend of his who had just returned from Colaba. A firing had just occurred near Bade Miyan where he was eating. And as we were discussing and dialling random numbers on the cellphone, we heard three explosions within seconds or minutes of each other. The ground shook. This was not just another night.

We switched on the television. And the firing still goes on outside, in batches of 4-5 rounds. As I am writing this, there are sirens of vehicles, police vehicles echoing in my ear. There are 6 people in my living room now, watching the news. Two of them were sitting at Leopold, where there was a shootout earlier. One is a broker, and another one his friend. I am here, my roommate is here. Aunty is in her room, Babloo is cursing everyone to disturb his sleep. And We are together. Only unity can fight this.

Even as this post is being written, there are reports of more attacks and encounters in the city.


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  • Lisa Mirando

    Hi — is anybody an eyewitness to what is happening in Mumbai right now. If so leave your name/no. Lisa

  • I think the frustrating issue for me as an observer is that I have very little information about who is behind the attacks, and what their motivations are. It’s a very us vs. them reporting situation right now.

  • I am fully compassionate for these events and pray for the well being of everyone injured and their families, in today’s Mumbai terror attack.

    But friends, don’t you think that we humans, all of us are responsible for this. Some amongst us deliberately hurt, abuse, and kill poor, helpless, speechless animals. Rests of us are responsible for this ugly face of humanity, by simply watching silently, neglecting or allowing the abuse and molestation of these innocents. But, who cares and how many care? But, if even a single human life is jeopardized, the entire world watches and sobs!

    Look at the way animals are tortured, abused, and killed by many of our fellow human beings for their bloody taste buds, fun, recreation, research, filthy needs, or ritualistic sacrifices in the name of God or religion.

    I think humans deserve worse than such kind of things and some day humanity will kill humanity and not any natural calamity! The curses of those small baby animals whose mother die and who doesn’t get love of his mother, those mothers whose babies are killed in the name of juicy tender chickens and for so many filthy reasons, the curses of those suffered souls will come back to us like boomerang and bring such fateful events.

    May God bless the humanity with peace, love, and compassion and brings consciousness and wisdom to all those responsible for destroying the beauty of nature and true humanity!

  • Daljeet

    Over 90 have been killed so far, and several takes hostage by the terrorists, and someone on the blog earlier calls this a Mumbai “gangwar”. Grow up!

    Watching the telecast live on NDTV it looks like a war zone in Mumbai. Is this really happening in India have we become so hapless…and powerless.

  • Daljeet Singh

    It looks like the terrorists were Bangladeshis and Pakistanis and of course our own home-grown Muslims. They know that they can attack at will, at any time without getting caught. Sophisticated weapons and are smuggled in which they use in the encounter with innocent people and our police is helpelessly fighting them with ‘lathis’ and pistols and that too without even having on themselves a bullet-proof jacket.

  • @Daljeet, do you have any links to support those claims?

  • anand

    Another disaster of hapless congress government. All Indians should unite and get rid of this radical congress party who always have soft corner to terrorists termed minorities.

  • Patel

    Well Done Media.. Like CNN IBN. They covers Full STORY. I have just watched the CNN IBN live on their website. They show the open firing, the injured people taken to the hospital.

    BUT,…B..U..T, How the hell you are covering it. For covering the NEWS, these shameless people put the camera over the HEAD of Military people, who are helping out the proces… Pushing those Military/police people and making more work for them. Reporters are Rushing to the Injured People.. Just to take a Picture of they injury? Like They are a Monument?

    If you see one of the footage, in which they show the terrorist are firing from the Police van. In the end of the footage, one person got injured on his hand and he was running here & there for help. The camera person sits besides him and covers this NEWS. Camera man moves this other hand, which is supporting the injured hand and try to Cover the FUll BLOODY HAND in his NEWS.

    So, What is more important… NEWS Covering for the People sitting at HOME OR Helping the GUY suffering infront of You?

    Does This Greedy NEWS CHANNELS have any HUMANITY in their Motto of Increasing TRP of their BRUTAL NEWS CHANNELS?

  • vasudev akundi

    Good…very good, I really don’t know how many more attacks it will take before indians actually react. there can never be anyone more spineless cowards than indians. Every one knows that these terrorists are muslims yet…
    The “secular” media will be busy drafting news stories to give enough twists and turns to generate sympathy for the terrorist and not the victim.
    The law and order machinery is desperate to prove the guilt of pragya thakur as a hindu terrorist to give the media and anti-hindu political parties the ammunition. Amar singh will be busy communalizing the fight against terror and call for only muslim police to deal with this situation.
    good…..very very very good for the terrorists.

  • yash

    it makes u feel sad, when u see inefficiency being rewarded. had the IB and RAW chiefs along with the police chiefs of the respective states been sacked (NOT SUSPENDED), WHEN EARLIER BLASTS TOOK PLACE, WE COULD HAVE BEEN SPARED THIS PROBLEM.

    the entire media and ur community as well is shouting about one purohit (though nothing has been proved as yet), ignoring the numerous bigger issues which affect the country as a whole.

    i recommend, purohit, be hired by the govt of india as the intelligence chief for maharashtra (an army officer has no religious or political leanings) just let a shirk speak to him for a few days and givemake him understand reason (if he has done it).

    and for gods sake now look at para military reforms. it is shameful that units had to be called from pune and delhi to tackle the situation when more than 10 CRPF battalions are in and around mumbai. are they security guards – if yes then treat them like security guards.


    let us please wake up now, or it may be too late after a few years.

    i would also suggest two more things
    first, let us change over to a presidential form of govt – single point responsibility, not collective by cabinet

    second – let the army personnel be moved into police and civil administration. will increase security conciousness as also imbibe their culture in the administration.

  • sarita

    Terrible…terrible…terrible tragedy….as an indian who has lived in Mumbai for 5 years, it is horrible to see Mumbai being terrorized this way…Why can the terrorists realize that by doing such horrible violent acts, they are not “FREEDOM FIGHTERS” as they claim but simply “MURDERERS”….U cant bring back ur dead by taking another life…
    My heart goes out to the many innocent people who have lost their lives due to this incident and the many more who have been traumatized due to the same….

  • srikantkh

    It is an attack on nation therefore it is better to declare WAR in INDIA against terrorism and handle whole situation with the help of ARMY officers at the same time POLICE has to act on criminal offences without political pressure and should focus completely on Crime activities Externally and Internally.

    I am strongly believing that Dirty politics are one of the reasons for the failures in identifying these terrorist activities. I belive that POLICE should act independlty to curb terrorist cells in INDIA.

    I also condem on Human Rights as we are leaving terrorists in Good will as they are taking it as full time job. I also heard that these organisation(terrorist) were recruiting people on contract basis for operation(24000 PM).

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  • we are verry sad,about the situations you country has now.verry verry sorry to all the people of india and mombai.strange world.i hope your touristbussines-will not be toucht to mutch.sad sad sad. helmut

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  • it is really painful to see our Mumbai like this again. my heart is weeping for those who lost their lives and who have lost their beloved ones due to this mishap. This shows the sheer irresponsibility of our centreal intelligence.It shouldve been been tackled before the move but as usual they woke up after this much blood shed and politicians also might have strong hands behind this, that has to be figured out.Terrorism should be eradicated from our contry without any negatiation. what do they meant to do by killing people like this. we should have an immediate end for this attrocities.

  • Sunita Parida

    Shame on the Religion of Terrorism……….This is to all the terrorists and Jihadis …………please stay away from this lovely peaceful world……if you want to go to heaven then kill yourself and do the needful….but do not try to kill the innocent people…


  • Gaurav Sharma: That you have your own agenda is obvious and you are probably entitled to it. Do you think that today, in light of what is occurring in Mumbai with all of the innocent people being killed by senseless Islamic Jihadist, is the time to promote it? For lack of an other way to put it, it makes you look like an extremely heartless weirdo.




    LARGER & LARGER!!!!!!!!
    I REALLY FEEL SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daljeet Bagga

    It’s a sad day for India and a very sad for my city Mumbai. What has been equally saddening while watching live NDTV, IBN and other international TV channels, there was not even a single official statement or word from any higher official about what was going on and what was the scale of the destruction or the number of casualties. The VD Deshmukh government and his idiotic deputy chief minister and home minister have failed very badly. There is no proper command and control structure in place and nobody knows for sure who is doing what with different actors pressed in but nobody knowing who is in charge. Is it the Army, or the NSG commandoes or the ineffective Mumbai police, running the rescue efforts?

    The NDTV for its part has been getting hold of some big police officers here and there and some officials for their statement but again they are given only to one TV channel and moreoever it is not the official version.

    When will the country grow up and understand that information is the key and it should be disseminated effectively and appropriately.

    My heart goes out to my city and the victims and their families who have suffered in this big tragedy.

    It is so sad that the terrorists have done their perfect planning to execute this operation but the Indian intelligence and the security apparatuses have failed miserably in scotching this disaster unfolding right before our eyes minute by minute, and continues even 24 hours later.

    What a time for India….

  • bharati

    Sorry to see so many people blaming police, govt., forces, etc which are already doing many good things. Instead of crit, why not do something effective and useful? Why always blame someone else? These people are risking lives and doing their best. Yes, it can be improved but do appreciate what has been done. Think of the many explosions they have averted and the many times they have fought against terrorism, etc.

  • Dear Doug and other friends,

    I got a similar personal e-mail reply for my mail from one of my most respected friends, who is a world-renowned artist.

    He writes, “Gaurav, with all due respect to you and your noble convictions, this letter is completely inappropriate. There is a time and a place for everything….this is a HUMAN tragedy, and no time to divert attention to other matters, however urgent. I was extremely upset to read your ill-timed rant.”

    To all my friends, known or unknown, and all people who believe in PEACE and HUMANITY, here is my reply:

    “With a high level of respect, I would like to assert that this mail was neither meant to divert the attention of people from this calamity nor convey otherwise. I just wanted to assert that such kind of things will go on as long as HUMANS are selfish for just their own selfish causes and no empathy and affection for other equally beautiful lives around. Can we expect love, compassion, and peace from people who don’t mind killing other lives who have got the same right to live as you and I do? Can we expect that if people only love HUMANS, then HUMANITY will prevail…how then we are different from so called ANIMALS?

    I feel that this is the right time to retrospect, why such things, such terrible tragedies are happening around the world, inflicted not by the nature, but by the so called HUMANS themselves.

    I am equally shocked and troubled as any other person on this earth…and I know that it could be me, my wife, or my only kid who is a 10 month old infant, who could be one of the victims of this tragedy!

    I did not write this message for any charitable cause or any other reason, but with a simple intention to convey that, we HUMANS can not remain at PEACE if we teach our children to care for humans but inflict pain on ANIMALS, simply because they do not belong to humans.

    If you and me, and the world want peace on this earth, we will have to teach our children, our families, our parents, our friends, our students…that LOVING means LOVING respecting all LIVES on this earth…we all are Children of God, whether humans, animals, or even insects. There is nothing inherently wrong with using animals for human purposes, such as food, clothing, entertainment, and research, but that it should be done in a humane way that does not cause unnecessary suffering.

    I just wish to spread the message that TERROR is not coming from some special people or religion, or followers, but it is coming from somewhere AMONG OURSELVES in the form of HATRED, SELFISHNESS, and we need to retrospect ourselves, change ourselves, and Love and Respect all living creatures.

    I often see children and adults hitting street dogs by pebbles, people kicking them away, do you think that behavior such things will make our children or friends a better human being? Do you think that we can expect empathy and love from these kind of people demonstrating such irresponsible behavior?

    I am a Medical Doctor and let me also mention that one of the known warning signs of certain psychopathologies, including anti-social personality disorder, also known as psychopathic personality disorder, is a history of torturing pets and small animals, a behavior known as Zoosadism. It is widely known that history of cruelty to animals is one of the traits that regularly appears in FBI’s computer records of serial rapists and murderers, and the standard diagnostic and treatment manual for psychiatric and emotional disorders lists cruelty to animals a diagnostic criterion for conduct disorders. “A survey of psychiatric patients who had repeatedly tortured dogs and cats found all of them had high levels of aggression toward people as well, including one patient who had murdered a young boy.”

    I believe, if I could even make just one person believe in this, what Gandhi called as AHIMSA (non-violence), the world will have one extra peacemaker and one less Ignorant/violent person on this earth.

    Even if I am hated for this effort, even if I am being hurted for this effort, I will still keep CONVEYING to SHED CRUELTY in all ways and become HUMAN in true sense not merely by the virtue of the human body, which itself is a gift of the almighty! And I am sure this is one of the most effective solutions TO MAKE THIS EARTH A BETTER PLACE and avoid such terror attacks!”

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  • vardhan

    i will be goin to a nearby hospital to donate blood as well as urgin my friends to do the same..what other ways can i offer my help, support and tiem to those injured in the blasts?

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  • I have written a detailed article analyzing the political factors that caused the Indian intelligence agencies to be caught unawares of the terror attacks being planned. Read on:

  • Gaurav Sharma: You have wasted your time by directing your reply to me. I do not torture any animals nor do I condone such a practice. You should be trying to convince the perpetrators of this attack and those that are planning attacks in the future against their fellow humans that what they do is totally wrong and should not exist in the civilized world. Since Sept., 11, 2001 Islamic terrorist have carried out 12,313 deadly attacks. Please direct your efforts to trying to get these “people” to cease and desist from such barbaric conduct.

  • rAAZ

    This attack is the most dominant and annoying attacks i have ever heard in my life within the south Asia. I would like to feel a hearty condolence to those brave soldiers who have died during their duties for the nation. As going through the news channel i saw a speech from Mr. Narendra Modi ( Chief Ministry of Gujrat) and i felt very sorry for him because he has no message for those dead 129 peoples but had some say about the high ranked offical (with due respect) but he is there in Mumbai visit for only i guess politically. Very sory Modi sir but i disagree to agree in this scenario. I would like to see this operation to end as oon as possible and pray for god to mantain peace and harmony in the world.

  • Maria

    Wake up nations ….lets stand united and fight this injustice the world all over is facing. Where is love ? why has hate overriidden the concept of love.Lets make peace.Wake up all leaders of nations and put an end to this atrocities…..Is there no value for human life ….just for a second remember how difficult it was to birth a new life into this world.How could you do this to every father , mother ,wife , husband ,and child .
    My heart is so heavy , but to pray is all i can do.

  • Humanity is not going the right way… we’re at a point of despair today, because we cant find a solution. Change the government? Not helping. Stringent security at every door? No good. Declaring war on some ethnicity? Absurd.

    We need to stand up as humanity… against hatred and violence. And if we have to stand again hatred and violence, they cannot be our weapons.

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  • Raj

    Jihadi idiots this is the begining of your end. You get nothing out of your stupid terrorism. We will crush you soon and seen no where in the world.

  • M.Srikanth

    It is good to have Non-Violence my dear Arfin,But terrorism is in the hands of pshycho operating inside and outside. This is not a freedom fight it is a fight for living(Right to live on the earth.

    Gandi is a good man,there is no doubt he was chosend non-voilence for freedom. However the Humanity had not died on every britisher on that time, Most of the britishers are good people that’s why they understood INDIA problem and given freedom.

    Can you please tell me? Is it again applicable to negotiate world freedom.

    Non-violence applicable to them who have support of people. Terrorists are not Humans they are cold blooded murderers. They undergo full consius training , converted into Psychos.

    If i hurt you in any manner my aplogy dear

  • M.Srikanth

    It is good to hear your Voice Vardan. I am appreciating your efforts and zeal to help our people.

    All we need is nothing but purifying politics,society and giving right vote in elections.

    Dr. Ambetkar already told that i have given every good angle to People of INDIA. All they need is to implement them with care.

    The implementation comes from Politics,Governament servants. they must be Reasonable and obedient to people.

    Every goernament servant must be in the hands of local people(Including Politicians, MLA,MP,PM,CM)

    In gernal it is not happening, after electing them they feel god to us. And no body listening, in this situation need perfect administration,Calulcations and Observation on each individual.

    If one man was involved in corruption he must be punished in a way so that other man gets a lesson. I mean one kind of fear gernated by us

  • M.Srikanth

    Maria, I agree your opinion.


  • Today seems like Independence Day :) A Brave Salute to all our Army mens who protect us and safeguard us.

    - Robin

  • sree ranjini chennai

    My deepest condolences to the families of the brave hearts Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Chander and those who have lost their near and dear ones. It’s time for the Indian Government to find the Al-Queda miscreants responsible for the dastardly act and punish them. Only that would be the real tribute to those Jawans who have lost their lives. Hats off! To NSG and all those brave men who have brilliantly knocked off the terrorists. India should wake up and take anticipatory measures to deal with any untoward situations in the future. Stop terrorism. This Mumbai attack is not an attack against India only; it’s a global attack and war against humanity. In my view, all nations should act in unison to put a stop to the terrorism carried out by Al-Queda. My bid to all Nations- Please for heaven’s sake, don’t sit back and watch.

    Jai Hind!

  • Smriti

    WAKE UP POLITICIANS… Enough of diplomacy & being laid back about things now. Its time you stand up for the people instead of just having petty fights to win the battle against eachother. Have the GUTS TO FIGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY. DON’t be a coward. HATS OFF to the Army, Police, Navy commandos… SHAME ON YOU POLITICIANS for sitting at home while all this happened. And post this you come out to show your presence at the place of disaster for half hour to see what the situation was of the place & victims. You don’t deserve to run this country as YOU CAN’T GUARANTEE SAFETY OF ITS PEOPLE.

    ITS TIME TO GIVE THESE TERRORISTS & PAK WHAT USA gave Afganistan after the 9/11… as a RETURN GIFT….


  • Natasha

    Daljeet, what is the basis of your comment? Please don’t resort on blaming other nationalities, remember that terrorists have no nationality or religion. They are an entity within their own.
    I dont understand the Indian Government and its attempts to distract its masses from the seriousness of the situation and its own failure to keep its intelligence efforts up to mark, and instead turning around and blaming Pakistan! It is easy to get your masses angry and distracted at an external factor rather than address the problem at home. Remember that the Marriott hotel was blown up in Islamabad and the casualties were huge. How is that different than the attack on Taj Mahal. Both are unacceptable and waste innocent human lives.

  • Natasha

    Smriti, “ITS TIME TO GIVE THESE TERRORISTS & PAK WHAT USA gave Afganistan after the 9/11… as a RETURN GIFT….”

    You are quite ignorant! I dont need to say much after that, you have showed what your mentality is. There are many movements within India that have been working towards their independence, and they are not all muslims and certainly not Pakistanis! People who are victims of terrorism exist everywhere, terrorist have no religion and no country.

  • Girish Daramoni

    Its not that u sit in your house and worry
    and then feel soory —–

    Take an initiative join hands to pull down the all the chairs of the politicians who are against the nation.

    Friends do remember

    Dont worry about the terrorists who came by boats
    But worry about those who came through votes–

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  • ria

    Let us all join hands and support the cause to stop terrorism.

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