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Life enthusiast, passionate traveler, foodie devotee, soccer fan and marketer. I am a third culture adult who strongly believes freedom, dignity, environmental conscience and peace should be the constant, not the exception.

Non-conformist Mexican or American or Chilean.
Motto: “The world is too interesting to stay in one place.”

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Latest posts by Elizabeth

2 April 2014

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Powerful Earthquake Hits Northern Chile Triggering Tsunami Evacuation

A strong 8.2 eartquake hit northern Chile at 20:46 and generated a tsunami that triggered the alarms across the country.

11 March 2014

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Mexican Government Censors Website That Documents Human Rights Abuses

The closing of a website that denounces human rights abuses has revealed an alleged censorship collaboration between the Mexican and US governments.

4 March 2014

Venezuelan TV Station Didn't Air Oscars for the First Time in 39 Years

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Mexicans Triumph at the Academy Awards

Alfonso Cuarón and “Chivo” Lubezki won big at the 86th Academy Awards.

25 February 2014

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El ‘Chapo’ Guzmán, World's Most Wanted Man, Captured in Mexico

Guzmán, named one of the world's most powerful people by Forbes magazine, had been in a maximum security prison in Mexico, but ran away under suspicious circumstances in 2001.

17 December 2013

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Chungui: Digging up the Horror of Terrorism in Peru

30 years ago, hundreds of people were victims of terrorism in the remote communities of Chungui and Oreja de Perro.

24 September 2013

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Is the Spanish Army Punishing Women Who Denounce Sexism?

What is the situation of women in the Spanish Army? Lourdes Sada reports.

21 August 2013

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Chile's Presidential Campaigns Mum on ‘Mapuche Conflict’

The "Mapuche conflict", which refers to the ongoing clashes between the Chilean state and the Mapuche indigenous communities, has seen an escalation of violence recently.

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