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Pashto Singer Ghazala Javed's Ex-Husband Sentenced to Death for Her Murder

The ex-husband of Pashto singer and anti-Taliban activist Ghazala Javed has been sentenced to death by a court in Pakistan's northwestern Swat district, for murdering the singer and her father in 2012. 

Ghazala Javed (1988-2012). Image courtesy Wikipedia

Ghazala Javed (1988-2012). Image courtesy Wikipedia

During her lifetime, Ghazala Javed bravely defied Taliban pressure to stop singing and spoke up against creeping Talibanization in her hometown Swat. The Taliban were briefly in control of Swat and were cleared from the area after a massive military operation by the Pakistan army in 2009. 

Ghazala's ex-husband Jehangir Khan was awarded a double death sentence along with a Rs 70 million (0.7 million USD) fine. He has announced plans to appeal the decision.

A number of Pakistanis reacted to the court's decision and remembered the enigmatic singer on Twitter.

Following the news of the sentence, SAbaseen expresses relief:

Ghazala was an ethnic-Pashtun and sang in Pakistan's north-western region's language Pashto. One of her fans, a Pashtun Twitter user Schazad Bangash, praised the sentence:

Commenting on the judgement another Pashtun Twitter user Nazrana Yousufzai said:

Expressing his disbelief on the legal and judicial system, Royal Pashtoon responded:

Journalist Javed Aziz Khan posts a portrait of the singer:

Ghazala's Pashto songs were also popular in Afghanistan. Pashto is one of Afghanistan's official languages.  Hyprgee posted a clip from Ghazala's last concert in Kabul:

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