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It Snowed in Egypt but the Snow-Covered Sphinx Photograph is a Hoax

Written by Amira Al Hussaini On 15 December 2013 @ 16:32 pm | 1 Comment

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This photograph of the Sphinx in Giza, Cairo, has gone viral, after Egypt's biggest snow storm in more than 100 years hit the country. There is one problem to it though – it wasn't taken in Egypt.

This tweet below, for instance, has been retweeted almost 7,000 times and favourited more than 4,000 times:

Egyptian Mona Eltahawy spills the beans:

And Mother Jones agrees [6] that the photograph is indeed fake.

The fiasco following the fake Sphinx photograph has left the Twittersphere suspicious of snow pictures from Egypt.

This Planet Earth photograph is put to the test:

Still in Egypt, US journalist Nicholas Kristof feels sorry for this Egyptian camel:

No word yet if the camel is real or not – or if this picture was even taken in Egypt.

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