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Latin America: Migrant Journeys

Cargo train carries migrants traveling across Mexico. Image from the film 'The Beast' (used with permission).

Cargo train carries migrants traveling across Mexico. Image from the film ‘The Beast’ (used with permission).

NACLA Report on the Americas and Global Voices explore migration issues between Latin America and the United States in a series of weekly posts that combine analysis on current political issues with exploration of local voices in blogs and social media.

09 Nov – GV Face: Dreams of US Immigration Reform
04 Sep - Derailment of ‘La Bestia’, Another Tragedy in a Broken Immigration System
28 Aug – Choosing ‘Exile’ Over Break-up, US Citizens Follow ‘Banned’ Spouses Abroad GV/NACLA
30 Jul – Immigrants: Much More Than an Abstract Number (Part II) GV/NACLA
26 Jul – Immigrants: Much More Than an Abstract Number GV/NACLA
15 Jul – Mexico Becomes Destination for Migrants GV/NACLA
09 Jul - Decisive Moment for Pro-Immigration Movement in the United States GV/NACLA
09 Jul - Global Voices Launches Partnership with The North American Congress on Latin America

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26 Jun – The Impossible, Costly Dream: Border Security
22 May – Shooting in the Dark: Why the Senate’s “Border Security Triggers” May Leave Millions in Limbo
15 May – Death and the Immigration Control Complex
03 Apr – Families or workers? Criminals or migrants?
27 Mar - Time to Rethink Immigration Detention
Summer 2013: Lost in the System: Unidentified Bodies on the Border

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10 Oct – A Call to Rekindle Immigration Reform Amidst U.S. Government Shutdown
23 Apr – Expectations Run High for U.S. Immigration Reform
20 Feb – Ask Angy Humanizes the Experience of Undocumented Immigrants
05 Feb – US President Barack Obama Supports Immigration Reform
08 Dec – The Fight Against Deportation in the U.S.
24 Oct – Mexico: Central American Mothers in Search of Missing Migrants
17 Oct – United States: The Fight for Young Undocumented Immigrants

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