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Languages and the Internet

Table of Contents

The arrival of the Internet age has already radically changed the way we communicate. We have developed this page to track the relationship of languages and the Internet, looking at use of language online, and the development and preservation of language in an increasingly digital world.

If you would like to contribute to this page, or suggest any related resources, please contact Global Voices Multilingual Editor, Paula Góes.

What we do: Global Voices bloggers report on how citizens use the internet and social media to make their voices heard, often translating from different languages. For more information on indigenous cultures, please visit our Indigenous Rights page.

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Featured Global Voices Posts on Language

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7 Sep – Young People, Technology and the Welsh Language
31 Aug – Venezuela: Preserving the Oral Traditions of the Plains
23 Aug – Argentina: Blogging in Welsh from Patagonia
14 Aug – Wales Celebrates its National Eisteddfod Festival, With a Digital Twist
03 Aug – The Welsh Language's Digital Toolbox
31 Jul – Wales: Imagining the Welsh Language Web
21 Jul – Wales: The State of Welsh Language Blogging
01 Feb – China: Several Tibetan Language Blog Sites Shut Down


29 Nov – Online Activism To Save Chakma Language
22 Nov – Promoting Indigenous African Language Films
19 Nov – Conversations in Cherokee with a Wolf
07 Nov – Acting for Nishnaabe Revitalization
02 Nov – Languages: Let's Tweet and Speak in Quechua
01 Nov – Global Voices Podcast: Bridging the Language Gaps
31 Oct – Ségou Villages: The Wisdom of Bambara Proverbs
27 Oct – Collecting Audio of UN Human Rights Declaration in 370 Languages
27 Oct – A Podcast of Champions in Warlpiri
26 Oct – Free Wi-Fi on Niue as a Catalyst
17 Oct – Poetry Slam Activism in Francophone Africa
06 Oct – Phil Cash Cash and Nez Perce
09 Sep – Peru: The State of Quechua on the Internet
01 Sep – Moldova: “Our Romanian Language” Day Protest
30 Aug – Jean Came Poulard on Haitian Creole
25 Aug – Kazakhstan: Controversy Over State Language Promotion
13 Aug – Comedic Fun with Japanese Hashtag Memes
12 Aug – Ukraine: Basic Language Tips
11 Aug – Russia: One Million Twitter Accounts in Russian
10 Aug – Egypt: The Unspoken Languages of the Streets
01 Aug – Global Voices Podcast 2: Speaking Our Language
01 Aug – Global Voices in Aymara: Preserving Indigenous Language Online
27 Jul – Tweeting in Chichewa in Southern Africa
18 Jul – Twitter to Promote and Preserve Underrepresented Languages
06 Jul – Trydar y Cymry! The Welsh Language Thrives Online
07 Jun – Equatorial Guinea: A Language That Ignores Human Rights
19 May – Mozambique: Portuguese, the Language of Mozambicanness
19 May – Cape Verde: Creole and Portuguese Languages, an Unofficial Pair
23 Feb – A declaration of love to the Portuguese language, in all its variations
22 Feb – Video: Learning a New Language Through Online Video


24 Dec – “In the beginning was the Word”: Blogs by Bible translators
17 Nov – Russia: Controversy as Cyrillic Domains Hit the Open Market
15 Aug – Morocco: English as the Second Language
15 Jul – Morocco: The Complexities of Language
29 Jun – Global: Greek to English, Chinese to Russian, and Spanish to Macedonian
04 May – Pakistan: Internet and the challenge of language
20 Apr – Bangladesh: Let Language Be Free
24 Feb – Americas: International Mother Language Day
08 Feb – India: Death of a Prehistoric Language

Special Section: Welsh Language and Digital Media

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07 Sep – Young People, Technology and the Welsh Language
14 Aug – Wales Celebrates its National Eisteddfod Festival, With a Digital Twist
03 Aug – The Welsh Language's Digital Toolbox
31 Jul – Wales: Imagining the Welsh Language Web
21 Jul – Wales: The State of Welsh Language Blogging


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Online books



RimasunBiweekly Quechua language podcast series by the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at New York University


National Geographic Enduring VoicesAn introduction to the project.


Map showing number of endangered language per countryBy Charts Bin.

Number of Endangered Languages by Country

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