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Best of Global Voices 2008

Nearly 3 million people visited Global Voices in 2008. Traffic to the site has tended to peak at times of natural disasters or conflicts, but the stories we've highlighted this year cover a vast range of subjects.

2008 has been an eventful year for citizen media, which continued to increase in importance and influence this year as an information source alongside mainstream media. Now, as the year comes to a close, our editors and authors have been reviewing the activity in their regional blogospheres and pinpointing the highlights of the past twelve months, which we, in turn, are compiling in the list below:

- Southeast Asia: Controversies and tragedies of 2008
- Iran Review 2008
- 2008: A turbulent year for South Asia
Global Health: 2008 Blogs In Review
- A Review of Global Voices in 2008
- Happy New Year Global Voices!
- Northeast Asia: 2008 Review
- Japan: The year in Japanese blogs
- Southeast Asia: Newsmakers of 2008
- Americas: A Look Back at 2008
- Caucasus: 2008 Blog Review
- Caribbean: 2008 in Review

(Note: Many of these posts have been translated into different languages by our Lingua translators, so please visit the individual posts to see if versions are available in other languages.)

We also asked members of our community to add links to their favourite posts of the year in the Google map below, and we invite our readers to do the same. If there are any Global Voices posts that really stood out for you in 2008, please visit the Google map and add them there. To embed this map on your own website or blog, just visit the map and find the “embed” code.

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You can also visit our media archive to get an idea of some of our most popular stories with mainstream media, and our Special Coverage section for some of the stories that we've written the most extensively about.

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