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In moments of crisis journalists often turn to blogs and Twitter to get an on the ground perspective. But how do you know where to find bloggers in Uganda? Or who are the best people to follow on Twitter in Haiti? That's where Global Voices can help. We track citizen media worldwide with a team of bloggers who are from the regions and countries whose citizen media they follow.

Global Voices is an authoritative voice on online censorship and use of online citizen media in the developing world. Our media archive shows where we have been quoted or interviewed recently.

Interview bloggers

Our wish is to help journalists diversify their sources and seek out local opinion in news reporting. With the number of foreign media bureaus shrinking, and widespread threats to freedom of the press in many countries, we believe bloggers can play an important role keeping their countries visible in times of upheaval.

Contact us to get help finding qualified local bloggers from any country or language. Many of our bloggers are also registered with the Global Radio News Network in London.


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Creative Commons license
All of our stories are available for republication for free in non-profit as well as for-profit media, as long as we are attributed appropriately.

Partner with us

Global Voices has worked closely with mainstream media since we were founded in 2005. Our co-founder Rebecca MacKinnon was once the Beijing bureau chief for CNN. Reuters was a flagship supporter and editorial partner for several years, and we have working relationships with The Economist, The New York Times and BBC News websites. Our Italian team manages a partnership with daily newspaper La Stampa in Italy called “Voci Globali”.

We are open to ideas and new partnerships or commissions, just email our Managing Editor.

Credibility and trust

Who should you trust on the internet? We believe the best way to find good sources is to ask people who are familiar with the language and dynamics of the internet community they are reporting on. Our editors review everything we publish. When we link to a blog in a Global Voices story is does not means we endorse them. It means we think something is worth reading. Quote from any blog at your own risk – just as you quote from any source at your own risk. We believe anonymous blogs should pass a higher credibility threshold than blogs whose authors make their identity public and their allegiances clear. Ask us if you are in doubt.

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