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Luke Razzell

Contributor profile · 3 posts · joined 30 November -0001

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Luke is a developer of social software. He co-founded the open architecture initiative Community Fabric and the software development company i-together. Luke blogs professionally about identity, commercial ethics and Japanese culture at Weaverluke. He also writes about Digital Divide issues for Global Voices, and the IT issues for UK Government at Ideal Government. Luke has created articles for Wikipedia on Digital identity and Digital entity and he is a member of the Berkman-based “Identity Gang” working group. Away from his computer, Luke enjoys reading novels in Japanese (he is a prize-winning translator), reading about science (M-Theory and neuroscience are current favourites) and gazing at the boats floating in the quay below his balcony.

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Latest posts by Luke Razzell

21 July 2005

Bombings, what bombings?

London gasped in horrified anticipation, then shrugged collectively as four more bombing attempts fizzled out harmlessly today.

17 June 2005

Ethical leadership

Rebecca MacKinnon writes impassionedly about Robert Scoble's defence of his company Microsoft's collusion with the Chinese government to filter politically sensitive words out of the Chinese version of MSN Spaces:...

7 April 2005

Community Fabric

I've just set up a wiki for a new open-source project called Community Fabric with some friends (from the joiito freenode IRC channel). The idea is to allow people to...

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