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Soneka Kamuhuza

Contributor profile · 4 posts · joined 7 November 2010

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Soneka began writing in earnest after the Zambian soccer tragedy in 1993. Needing to mitigate the painful void this tremendous event had on the nation, he wrote. Through that one act, he found an emotional outlet.

What followed were guest columns in the Boston Herald – a Boston newspaper. His first article was published by the Herald March 28, 1993 (pg b.19). In it, he critiqued the perceived apathetic attitudes towards the World Cup coming to America. His next published work appeared March 20, 1994 (pg 24). In this piece, he challenged Gerry Callahan -a popular sports writer- on his stance on the popularity of baseball over soccer. What transpired was a continuing love for story telling.

Soneka has maintained a blog for several years, sharing thoughts, stories and poems. His material has been quoted in books such as The Ball Is Round: A Global History of Soccer, by David Goldblatt and in blogs such as Global Voices. He is the author of; A Poet Becalmed a compilation of poems and his first book.

He is the Founder of Moseis’ Steps – a staff development company – and serves as the Operations Director for The Jacaranda Center for Family & Youth Development. He has had an 11-year career in the proprietary education sector, yet few things give him greater satisfaction than writing.

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Latest posts by Soneka Kamuhuza

4 December 2011

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Zambia: President's Son New Luxury Cars Cause Uproar

The revelation by the Committee of Citizens Executive Director, Gregory Chifire, that the Zambian president's son, Mulenga Sata, recently acquired two expensive vehicles has drawn mixed reactions from Zambian netizens.

29 November 2011

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Zambia: Netizens Weigh in on Fight Against Corruption

Since the Patriotic Front won this year's election, Zambia has been heading in a new direction. What seems to be of great interest is the single-minded focus of the new...

12 July 2011

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Zambia: Brenda Zulu Discusses the State of Zambian Blogosphere

The spotlight is on Brenda Zulu, a Zambian journalist and blogger. Based in Lusaka, Zambia, Brenda has been blogging since 2004 and is one of Zambia’s seasoned blogger’s. I talked...

18 January 2011

Zambia: Barotseland becomes hotbed of contention

Long considered a non-issue because of backdoor political posturing that occurred through decades of one party rule in Zambia, the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 appears to finally have become a...

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