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Siân Sinnott

Contributor profile · 8 posts · joined 16 April 2011

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I translate when I can for GV into Spanish and from Russian to English. I am a languages teacher and a co-founder and board member of Supporting Guasa an NGO which does educational projects in the Dominican Republic.

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Latest posts by Siân Sinnott

29 August 2013

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“Me & My Shadow”: Protecting Data on the Net

The Internet, mobile phones, and other such achievements of progress have become essential aspects of human existence, and have simplified communication between people and integrated them into a new space.

11 July 2012

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Russia: Online Platforms Coordinating Aid for Flood Victims

RuNet Echo

Floods in Kuban have completely destroyed 640 homes, with more than 5,000 partially submerged. According to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Crisis Centre, 150 have been killed as of...

15 May 2012

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Russia: Website Appears Publishing Civil Servants’ Incomes

RuNet Echo

The project "Public Profit" was established so that anyone interested could access information about the salaries of civil servants and state deputies. The information is compiled using public records and...

13 January 2012

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Russia: Social Networks Mobilise Society

RuNet Echo

Facebook, the possibility to calculate numbers of protest participants, slogans from the Internet, a wide variety of gadgets - these are four new important factors in the analysis of demonstrations...

2 November 2011

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Uzbekistan: New Law Forbids Alcohol Consumption in Streets and Parks

The president of Uzbekistan has approved a law regarding "the distribution and consumption of alcohol and tobacco products" which will come into force in April 2012. The law states that...

16 June 2011

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Russia: Ministry's Online Blunders

RuNet Echo

Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs has recently started to mobilise on the Internet and in the past weeks two important events have taken place in the Internet world which have...

24 May 2011

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Russia: Attack Survivor Journalist Oleg Kashin on Internet Freedom

RuNet Echo

Oleg Kashin, special correspondent for the newspaper Kommersant and well-known blogger, was brutally beaten near his home in November 2010. A video recording of the attack was subsequently published on...

18 April 2011

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Russia: Bloggers Stop FSB Initiative To Ban Skype

RuNet Echo

It was just a stroke of luck that on Friday, April 8, 2011, LiveJournal did actually work; before and after this date it would constantly “crash” or “die” due to...

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