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Rodrigo Peñalba

Contributor profile · 13 posts · joined 23 March 2007

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Rodrigo Peñalba; writer, webber, visualizer. Editor for Collaborator at

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Latest posts by Rodrigo Peñalba

30 October 2009

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Nicaragua: Protests in Managua Show Divisions Within Student Movements

In Nicaragua, divisions within student groups have been evident during recent protests in Managua about the university budget and recent comments by the US Ambassador about a Supreme Court decision.

3 April 2009

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Nicaragua: Refusal of Entry to Club and Allegations of Racism

An Afro-Nicaraguan woman was denied entry at a nightclub in the capital city of Managua. The club states that she was not allowed to enter because of their right to...

18 July 2008

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Nicaragua: Open Source Software in Public Institutions

A local Nicaraguan blogger has been working with public institutions in the city of Jalapa to take full advantage of open source software. Some of the projects involve the digitalization...

15 July 2008

Nicaragua: Real and Hypothetical Twitter Updates About Politicians

Users of Twitter in Nicaragua recently learned about the schedule of their United Nations ambassador through the account of the Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon. Some wondered what other politicians' Twitter...

10 July 2008

Nicaragua: A New Telecom Monopoly

Carlos Slim, the wealthiest man alive, bought the biggest suscription TV provider in Nicaragua. That company, ESTESA, was already a de facto monopoly in its market, and now is part...

8 July 2008

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Nicaragua: Protesters Pay Visit to Former President

Protestors in Nicaragua often gather to pay personal "visits" to well-known politicians, including a recent surprise encounter with former president Arnoldo Alemán, who had been convicted of corruption charges and...

6 June 2008

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Nicaragua: Twittnic and the Expanding Blogosphere

New additions to the Nicaraguan blogosphere have recently emerged and have added to the conversation within the country. Others from the Nicaraguan Twitter community have come together to create a...

29 May 2008

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Nicaragua: A Closer Look at a Government Program for Microloans

The governmental program called Usura Cero provides low interest rate loans to Nicaraguan women for their micro-businesses. It was recently featured on an investigative news program and a local blogger...

18 November 2007

Nicaragua: Software Freedom Day Group Wins Award

Organizers of the Software Freedom Day in Managua, Nicaragua received some good news. Their event is similar to other events held around the world designed to introduce and discuss the...

14 June 2007

Nicaragua: Back to Plaza de la Revolución, Again.

During recent changes in power, the ruling party often sought to cover or erase signs of the previous regimes. This included the removal of murals or renaming of famous plazas....

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