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Paula Odhiambo

Contributor profile · 6 posts · joined 12 January 2008

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I'm Kenyan born and bred, but I consider myself an East African. I am passionate about Jesus Christ. Coming to the United States in 2005 made me more aware of my gender and heritage than ever before, and I have realized in the process that I have a love for the women of Africa and the youth in general. I have found writing to be one of the most fulfilling ways to express my values and to create awareness on causes that are important to me.

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Latest posts by Paula Odhiambo

14 July 2011

Read this post.

Africa: Of Misunderstandings, the Best Laid Plans and Language Challenge

Find out about what's on the minds of a variety of African bloggers with Global Voices author Paula Odhiambo.

1 November 2010

Read this post.

Africa: Women Bloggers discuss war of a different kind

It's been a while. I'm back now and eager to share with you this blog roundup about African women bloggers talking about "war of a different kind." “There is a...

1 March 2009

Africa: Blogging And Walking With God

It has been a while, but as with most things, blogging did not wait for life to catch up with it – it can be said that blogging helped to...

13 July 2008

Africa: Summer Reflections (Thoughts from Mothers)

With this article, Paula Odhiambo salutes all mothers in Africa and reflects on children's compassion and giving, talking about sex with children and announces the birth of a blogger's baby...

17 March 2008

Africa: Hope Supersedes All

Women love to share their experiences and express themselves, but no clock will wait for them to sit and share every detail with each other - not even if they...

2 February 2008

Africa: A month into 2008: Hope, Dreams, Living

2008 is one month old. Different African women bloggers are going through different spiritual experiences. For many, this is just another year, exactly the same as 2007, and 2006, all...

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