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27 March 2007

Nepal: Gaur Massacre

The unthinkable happened on March 21 in Gaur in the central Terai plains. Two political groups clashed, and violence followed. 29 were dead, more than 40 injured. This incident has...

31 January 2007

Nepal: Madhesh Is Burning

Madhesh is the southern plains of Nepal where half of the country lives. Madhesi are the people of Nepal, roughly half of the country. The Madhesi have been discriminated against...

4 October 2006

Nepal: Peace In Limbo

The seven party alliance and the Maoists were to meet for their summit talks some time in September, but it did not happen. Prime Minister Girija Koirala asked for some...

28 July 2006

Nepal: Another Round Of Talks

The seven party alliance in power and the Maoists are gearing for yet another round of peace talks. Their last round that resulted in an eight point agreement came under...

29 May 2006

Nepal Moving Towards Peace Talks

After the victory of the April Revolution, and a major House Proclamation that has seriously curbed the powers of the king and renamed the army from Royal Nepal Army to...

10 May 2006

Nepal: Democrats, Maoists Gearing For Peace Talks

After the spectacular success of the April Revolution, the seven party alliance has not moved fast enough for some, but it sure has been moving steady.

25 April 2006

Nepal Revolution: Victory

The king has accepted the seven party alliance's roadmap.

21 April 2006

Nepal Revolution: Showdown

The king is nowhere close to seeing the light.

13 April 2006

Revolution In Nepal: Monarchy On Its Way Out

The movement has turned into a revolution.

8 April 2006

Nepal Movement, Day 3: Shoot At Sight Order

The dictator king of Nepal keeps pushing himself into a tighter corner. He has taken the penultimate step. He has imposed a daytime curfew.

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