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Nevena Borisova

Contributor profile · 6 posts · joined 26 April 2013

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I was born in 1987 in the Bulgarian city of Veliko Tarnovo. After turbulent teenage years of reading and living, I had a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, from Sofia University, and have studied Sociology as a second university program (what stressfull times were that!). At present I study two Master’s degrees in Literature, Cinema and Visual Culture, and in Human Resources Development (the same university).

My main motion in life is literature, human stories and social change. My passion is travelling and communicating with people.

In 2013 I was selected for the Thomson Reuters Training Course on Rural Poverty Reporting (13-15 February). The intensive course in Rome was designed to facilitate journalists’ interest and instruments to report on issues related to rural regions and challenges related to poverty, lack of infrastructure and etc.

In the same year I received a journalistic fellowship for the Women Deliver 2013 conference (28-31st of May, 2013); The conference (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) was devoted to global and local issues related to women.
In 2012 I had the pleasure to participate for the Thomson Reuters Foundation Training Course Women’s Issues (11-16 November) which was a key moment in my life.
The intensive course (Barcelona) was designed to help journalists in their work and to enhance their coverage of women’s issues. Selected on the base of particular interest in social issues like women’s prob-lems and motivation to exchange view and learn more

In 2012 I also participated in the M100 Youth Media Workshop in Potsdam 2012 “After the Web Revolutions: New media as an instrument for change and more democracy”.
Selected on the base of writing an essay and journalistic activity.

I contribute to the Bulgarian online newspaper E-vestnik,bg, as well as for Global Voices, Chime for Change (online global platform for women’s issues), EMAJ (intercultural online magazine, made by network of young journalists from the EU, Middle East, North Africa).

My previous occupations included International News Editor in the Bulgarian Information Agency Focus (two years); editor and screenwriter in the Bulgarian National Television (two years) and screenwriter in the National Student Television.
That's the frame story. Let's now go through the stories of other people.

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Latest posts by Nevena Borisova

17 November 2013

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Waiting for Freedom of the Press in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has been rated as having the least media freedom in the EU. During a time of political turmoil in the country, Bulgarians are turning to new media tools.

9 November 2013

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Bulgarian Students Occupy the Country's Future

Students in Sofia and other Bulgarian cities occupy universities in protest of a decision made by Parliament, but regarding on-going political, corruption and freedom issues in the country.

9 July 2013

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Bulgarian Protesters March Kilometers to Challenge Government

On Sunday, July 7, the number of protesters in the streets of the Bulgarian capital was unprecedented, as tens of thousands of citizens marched in the streets, again demanding the...

19 June 2013

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Anti-Government Protests Rock Bulgaria's New Leadership

Mass protests begin in Sofia and across Bulgaria after the appointment of controversial politician Delyan Peevski to the position of Head of the Bulgarian National Security Agency.

7 May 2013

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Wiretapping Scandal, Voter Disillusionment Ahead of Bulgaria's Elections

Bulgarian citizens will have to make some difficult choices as they go to the polls on May 12, 2013, to vote in the parliamentary election. Nevena Borisova reports.

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