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Mario Duran

Contributor profile · 4 posts · joined 13 May 2007

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26 November 2007

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Bolivia: Conflicts in Sucre Over New Constitution

In the city of Sucre, confrontations between citizens and police claimed the lives of four Bolivians. Delegates from the governing party decided on the text of a new constitution without...

2 July 2007

Bolivia: A Previous Encounter with the Victim and the Problem With the Fashion Society

José Andrés Sánchez writes for the Santa Cruz daily El Deber, and also maintains a blog where he adds supplemental information about his published articles. In his blog, he recalls...

28 May 2007

Bolivia: Troubles with the Constitutional Tribunal and a Bittersweet Mother's Day

Another varied week in the Bolivian blogosphere bring us news on the recent conflict involving the Constitutional Tribunal, the appearance of transvestites on the streets of Santa Cruz, a question...

14 May 2007

Bolivia: The Work of the Constituent Assembly and Government Regulations

After nine months, the work of the Constituent Assembly, which has been charged with writing a new constitution remains stagnant. In addition, the government has began to place restrictions on...

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