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Mariana Parra

Contributor profile · 5 posts · joined 26 July 2013

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Bachelor in International Relations (Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo – PUCSP) and MA candidate in International Studies at University of Basque Country. I'm interested about human rights, especially with emancipatory approaches, and feminism. I love to know about other cultures, and also what we all have in common.

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Latest posts by Mariana Parra

25 November 2013

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Two Brazilian Women Kill Themselves After Sex Tape, Nude Photos Leaked

"I am afraid but I think is goodbye forever," 17-year-old Julia Rebeca wrote on her Twitter account before taking her own life.

14 November 2013

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‘Tomorrow It Could Be You': Gender, Racism and the Limits of Humor in Brazil

A Brazilian TV comedian has once again made offensive jokes about black people and women. How much space is there for social discrimination in Brazil's television lineup?

1 August 2013

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Brazilians Ask ‘Where is Amarildo?', Favela Resident Missing After Arrest

The last time Amarildo was seen, military police were taking him from the Favela da Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro, known as the largest slum in the world.

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