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Mahmood Al-Yousif

Contributor profile · 9 posts · joined 22 December 2005

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Mahmood's Den, my blog, has taken a life of its own over the years. Credited with being one of the first blogs to emanate from the Arab region, certainly from Bahrain, and whose intention at first was simply to test content management systems technologies, it has mushroomed beyond the original intent. I would like to think that through it some contribution to rapprochement between East and West has occurred, and judging by the various discussions it witnessed and the frayed tempers it calmed or fueled, good exchange has happened through it. As for me personally, I own and run a company specialising in the supply of broadcast technologies and services to customers in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

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Latest posts by Mahmood Al-Yousif

20 February 2006

Bahrain: another eventful week in review

an eventful week in Bahrain.. but we've ALMOST moved away from "the cartoons"...

13 February 2006

Bahrain: Blood, Sex and Incarceration

Good. You're paying attention now so let's start this week's roundup with the mundane and progress from there: Mahmood seems to have been branded a pervert for photographing wild parakeets...

6 February 2006

Bahrain, more cartoons and animated conversations

The week in Bahrain continues to be dominated by cartoons, which even overshadowed an important speech by the king!

30 January 2006

Bahrain: Cartoons and other stuff

Cartoons, giant Royal billboards, vlogs, ... yes it's all happening in Bahrain!

23 January 2006

An ordinary week in Bahrain

The weekly round-up of the Bahraini blogosphere where a week, for a change, seems quite ordinary!

16 January 2006

A tragic week in Bahrain and the Gulf

Over 500 people dead while performing pilgrimage in Makkah, and two royal deaths leave a sad cloud on the Gulf this week.

9 January 2006

A controversy-filled week in Bahrain

Attacks on anonymous blogging, doctors smuggling prostitutes during their night shifts, a feminist highlights what she believes are wrongs in Islam, alcoholics in parliament, identity theft by a Ninja and...

2 January 2006

Bahrainis disillusioned with government and opposition

Another week of turmoil in the tiny country. An opposition figure's detention sparks riots at the sole international airport resulting in public property damage and several arrests.

26 December 2005

Bahrain's roller-coaster week in review

For a country as small as Bahrain, there certainly seems to be quite a lot happening which are diametric opposites!

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