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Lynn Palermo

Contributor profile · 4 posts · joined 24 November 2010

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French professor at Susquehanna University (Selinsgrove, PA). Grew up in Central Pennsylvania. Has spent years living and traveling abroad. Passionate about literature, the arts, history, and their relationship with socio-political questions, especially in the 20th century.

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Latest posts by Lynn Palermo

11 January 2011

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Algeria: Is Revolt Contagious?

After Tunisia, now Algeria has seen a week of riots and violent encounters between youths and the forces of order. The unrest is motivated by sharp increases in prices since...

20 December 2010

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Africa: The Scandal of the “Ill-gotten Gains”

In the scandal of the wealth accumulated by some African politicians, the French Supreme Court of Appeals reversed the verdict pronounced by Paris Court of Appeals a year ago. The...

6 December 2010

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Africa: Condoms Finally Authorized Conditionally by The Pope

The news spread around the world in a matter of minutes. In a book released on November 23, Pope Benedict XVI declared that "in certain cases, when the intention is...

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