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Jennifer Brea

Contributor profile · 398 posts · joined 7 April 2006

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I am a first-year graduate student studying political economy at Harvard. I blog commentary on African politics (and now, frequently, the everything of everywhere) at Africabeat and photographs at my Flickr photostream.

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Latest posts by Jennifer Brea

17 January 2010

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Senegal offers free land to Haitian earthquake survivors

Senegalese president, Abdoulaye Wade, has been making headlines by offering free land to any Haitian earthquake survivors who wish to "return to their origins," according to a spokesperson. Online, the...

Haiti: “Culture, Crossroads, Color”

Dominicans aiding Haitians where no UN, Red Cross

16 January 2010

Haiti: Time Running Out for Earthquake Survivors

Keziah Furth is a 24-year old American nurse who works with kids in Haiti. Keziah warns that unless food, water, and medical supplies come quickly, many will die needlessly. She...

15 January 2010

Haiti: Rescuing Survivors, Searching for the Missing

Conversations for a Better World

Here are just a few of the online networks and databases which have mobilized in the last few days to help relatives abroad locate family and direct urgently needed help...

Haiti: Finding Trapped Survivors Using Twitter

13 January 2010

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Diaspora Mobilize to Help Haiti in Earthquake Aftermath

As aftershocks continued to rattle Port-au-Prince this morning, Haitians in the Diaspora have started mobilizing prayers and financial support as they try to find word about friends and family.

12 January 2010

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Togo Disqualified from African Cup Following Deadly Attack

Togo's national football team has been formally disqualified from the African Cup of Nations following Friday's deadly attack on the team's convoy in Cabinda, a region of Angola long troubled...

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