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Gavin Simpson

Contributor profile · 4 posts · joined 29 September 2006

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I work in the world of human rights, seeking to educate and activate mainstream audiences to stand up to abuse and injustice. I've spent long periods in both the Former Yugoslavia and Sierra Leone assisting post-conflict transition processes; but I also support civil rights and social development closer to home, in the US and my native UK. My personal belief is that you get human rights messages across most effectively by using popular vehicles like music, sport, entertainment, video – and of course, the Internet. That's why I'm working with WITNESS and Global Voices on this Human Rights Video Hub.

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Latest posts by Gavin Simpson

13 March 2007

Guinea-Conakry: standing up to a power-hungry President

Human Rights Video

The technological revolution that enables ordinary citizens to capture and upload video footage on the web has been slow to take root in West Africa. Up to now we haven’t...

4 March 2007

Forced evictions in Guatemala: whose land is it anyway?

Human Rights Video

Land ownership and occupation are complex and highly contentious issues in many parts of Latin America, and the tropical, resource-rich plains of northeastern Guatemala are no exception. On the one...

6 November 2006

Former Yugoslavia: Can video play a part in truth, justice and reconciliation?

Human Rights Video

It fell to the controversial figure of Carla del Ponte, prosecutor at the UN war crimes tribunal in the Hague, to lament the slow progress of justice in the Former...

5 October 2006

US secret detentions: from hotel room to squalid prison cell

Human Rights Video

When President George W. Bush confirmed in a speech last month that the CIA has been operating a programme of secret detentions on foreign territory, it was portrayed by the...

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