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Chris Rickleton

Contributor profile · 29 posts · joined 19 April 2010

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Russian-speaking writer living in Bishkek, capital of the Kyrgyz Republic. In the past I have worked with the Kyrgyz youth media portal and edited The Spektator, an English-language tourist magazine that occasionally – and unwisely – dabbles in politics.

Currently I work as a journalist for the Eppy Award winning website, mostly concentrating on Kyrgyz and Central Asian themes, and provide analysis about the local mining sector for London-based companies such as Exclusive Analysis and IHS. I also coordinate and edit the Global Voices Central Asia Interns Project at the American University of Central Asia.

Twitter @chrisrickleton.

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Latest posts by Chris Rickleton

23 January 2014

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Goodbye Alexandros Petersen, Prodigious Guide to China in Central Asia

The Bridge

On January 17, a Taliban suicide bomb attack killed sixteen people at a Kabul restaurant. Among them was Alexandros Petersen, an enlightening commentator on Eurasian affairs and a riveting storyteller.

27 August 2012

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Kyrgyzstan: ‘Charming’ Prime Minister Falls from High Horse

'Its a shame that the sane, handsome and enterprising premier of #freekg Babanov is on his way out.' The 42-year-old Prime Minister has been accused of accepting an expensive British...

24 August 2012

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Kyrgyzstan: China Inc. Under Attack

China’s growing economic presence in Kyrgyzstan continues to be a topic for heated discussion in Kyrgyz society. In the country’s regions, this discourse is reflected in acrimonious standoffs between Chinese...

1 June 2012

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Kyrgyzstan: Civic Initiatives Seek to Tackle Bride-Kidnapping

Although bride kidnapping is officially a crime in Kyrgyzstan, it remains a common occurrence in the country's rural areas. With the authorities reluctant to clamp down on the practice, civil...

15 May 2012

Kyrgyzstan: Can a Blogger be the Fourth Branch of Government?

Ilya Karimdjanov is a pest. Armed with a camera, a question and the most popular blog on Kyrgyzstan's most popular blogging platform,, he is a one-man citizen media machine,...

13 April 2012

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Kazakhstan: Hockey Star's Wife Leaves Her Mark on the Kaznet

Stacy Dallman, wife of former NHL hockey player Kevin Dallman, is likely to be remembered in Kazakhstan for a long time to come. Chris Rickleton explains why.

11 April 2012

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Tajikistan: Where Size Matters

Tajik President Emomali Rahmon knows the political capital to be made out of large, ostentatious public works projects. Yet Tajikistan is one of the poorest countries in the world, and...

2 April 2012

Kyrgyzstan: The Internet on Trial?

The ongoing trial of an ethnic Russian journalist accused of inciting racial hatred in a series of online articles may have profound implications for Kyrgyzstan's regulation of the Internet, as...

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