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Carmel L. Vaisman

I am a Digital Culture researcher from Tel Aviv. I wrote my doctoral dissertation on Girls’ blogging at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, wrote a book on Hebrew On-line, and currently I am a visiting scholar at Indiana University. I used to be a journalist specializing both in technology and spirituality coverage in Israel and I traveled to 36 countries before my dog forced me to slow down a bit…

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Latest posts by Carmel L. Vaisman

Israel: The Lie, the Truth and the Meme (of the Soldier and the Girl)

A photograph of a street performance in Bahrain went viral, after it was alleged it depicted an Israeli soldier stepping on an Arab girl. In this age of media manipulation...

Israel: Netanyahu Threatens to Replace Interns with Indian Doctors

After months of protests, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested replacing medical interns with foreign labor contractors from India if an agreement can not be reached with them. Interns react...

Israel: Netanyahu Rapped for Exploiting Shalit's Return

Kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit is back home after 1,941 days of Hamas captivity. It is left for social media and a few marginal sections of the online newspapers to...

Egypt: Mubarak has changed his Facebook status to “it's complicated”

Egyptian and other Middle East activists used the language of social media as means of humor to describe the events as they unfolded. Fake accounts for Mubarak are also in...

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