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Belen Bogado

Contributor profile · 15 posts · joined 13 June 2009

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I'm a paraguayan blogger and journalist. I have a radio show and did some television as well. I returned to Paraguay after I finished my Master's degree in Boston in 2009 through a Fulbright scholarship. I write about Paraguayan news and collect comments from Paraguayan bloggers.

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Latest posts by Belen Bogado

10 October 2011

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Paraguay: Referendum Backs Right to Vote Abroad

For the first time in history, Paraguay held a referendum to decide whether Paraguayans living abroad can vote in the general election. Campaigns for the "yes" were persistent but several...

23 March 2011

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Paraguay: Photo Blog Reveals Dangers of Childbirth

Most Paraguayans are not aware of the high rates of death from childbirth and abortion in the country. These issues are rarely reported on mainstream media. This is why running...

16 July 2010

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Paraguay: Prejudice in International Media During the World Cup

In Paraguay, the 2010 FIFA World Cup evidenced that Paraguayans had to look out for discrimination coming from the least expected source: international mainstream media from Brazil and Spain.

4 May 2010

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Paraguay: State of Emergency to Fight EPP Guerrilla Group

Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo declared a 30-day State of Emergency to combat the Paraguayan People's Army (EPP), who have been behind many kidnappings and killings around the country.

21 April 2010

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Paraguay: Spreading the Guaraní Language Through Blogging

In Paraguay, where 88% of the population speaks the indigenous language of Guaraní, there were no blogs in this native tongue, until blogger and journalist Mirta Martínez decided to begin...

27 March 2010

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Paraguay: Rescuing Citizen Experiences Through the Use of Blogs

Paraguayan blogger Carlos Rodríguez has been "rescuing" citizen experiences through the use of his blog RESCATAR and he hopes that highlighting these experiences can help solve the many of the...

19 January 2010

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Paraguay: The Chaotic Ciudad del Este

The Paraguayan city of Ciudad del Este is known for many things, including illegal and contraband activities. However, it is difficult to overlook the fact that it is a gateway...

3 December 2009

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Bangladesh: The Rising Voices of Women in a Drowning Country

Conversations for a Better World

Even in the most extreme circumstances when survival is at stake, Bangladeshi women stand out for their capacity to unite and together overcome climate change’s effects on their lives.

25 November 2009

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Ecuador: Kichwa Women Oppose Oil Exploration on Native Lands

Conversations for a Better World

It is a popular saying in Latin America that women always get what they want. For 20 years, fearless women from the Kichwa community, an indigenous group in Ecuador, have...

10 November 2009

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India: Women Farmers Stand Against Climate Change

Conversations for a Better World

A group of women in India have demonstrated that despite the existing gender inequity and their low economic status, they can become a powerful resource to tackle climate change and...

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