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Ayako Yokota

Contributor profile · 4 posts · joined 6 January 2011

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Working for a foundation helps foreign journalists to collect news on Japan. An aspiring interpreter and translator of Japanese, English and Portuguese.
Love traveling, photography, local culture, language and fashion.
I hope my article makes you feel a little more closer to Japan.
My personal blog is here!

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Latest posts by Ayako Yokota

16 October 2013

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Is Japan Ready to Host the Paralympics?

Ayako Yokota and Ryan Ball take a look at the facilities and technological solutions for people with disabilities in Japan.

10 August 2013

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‘Spirited Away’ Director Criticizes Plans to Amend Japan's Pacifist Constitution

Japan's ruling party wants to modify the constitution so the defense military can deploy overseas.

28 May 2013

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Coffee Art Goes 3D in Japan

In Japan where green tea remains the hot beverage of choice, latte art is growing phenomenon, whether it be 3D foamy creations or a vending machine that serves cappuccino with...

9 January 2011

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Japan: New Landmark “Tokyo Sky Tree” is Growing

The year 2011 in Tokyo started with a sunny blue sky, and it was the perfect day to mark the beginning of a fresh new year. Japanese people have customs...

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