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Augis Barkov

Contributor profile · 2 posts · joined 25 April 2012

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I am a Russian guy, born in Lithuania, living in Israel and married to a beautiful Chinese girl.
Following Russian blogosphere is, in my opinion, an excellent way to get in touch with Russia – one of the most interesting and enigmatic countries.
You can also do it by reading RedHotRussia where I post translations of the popular stories from Russian blogosphere along with comments of real Russian netizens, or following me on Twitter (@RedHotRussia).

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Latest posts by Augis Barkov

18 June 2012

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Russia: Twitter Hashtag Targeting Putin Trends Worldwide

RuNet Echo

Last month, a Russian hashtag was briefly among the top worldwide trends on Twitter. This remarkable hashtag, written in Russian Cyrillic and 30 letters long, has been used to criticize...

22 May 2012

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Russia: The RuNet's Top 10 Political Slang Words

RuNet Echo

Understanding political discussions in the Russian blogosphere requires a certain fluency in RuNet slang. For anyone interested in grasping the nuances of online satire and blogger arguments (or for those...

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