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Andy Yee

Contributor profile · 79 posts · joined 11 September 2009

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Andy Yee is Public Policy Lead for Google in Hong Kong and Taiwan. This entails a full range of internet policy issues including innovation, copyright, privacy, security and free expression. He is a former researcher at the Political Section of the European Union Delegation to China in Beijing.

He has written extensively on China, international relations, and technology at Global Voices Online, East Asia Forum, openDemocracy and ChinaGeeks. His works have also appeared in media outlets including PBS MediaShift and the South China Morning Post, and in academic / policy journals including the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs and Global Asia. To date, his writing has been mentioned by publications like The New York Times and the Guardian.

He holds Masters and Bachelor degrees in Information Engineering from the University of Cambridge, and a Masters degree in East Asian Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

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Latest posts by Andy Yee

22 May 2013

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How Social Commerce Tightens China's Grip on the Internet

A deal between e-commerce firm Alibaba Group and Sina Weibo, China's most popular microblogging service, has been heralded as a jump-start to the era of social commerce in China. But...

2 July 2012

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Taiwan: Democracy with a Confucian Face?

Politicians and academics have long debated whether Confucianism is compatible with democratic and civic values. Han Han's recent visit to Taiwan, and his high admiration of culture, freedom and democracy...

24 January 2012

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Hong Kong Rethinks its Relationship with Mainland China

15 years after Hong Kong's return to mainland China, Hong Kongers have little mood for celebration. Tensions run deep between Hong Kongers and mainlanders. Bloggers and social critics explore recent...

31 October 2011

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China’s Stability Machine and the Detention of Chen Guangcheng

As waves of visits to fight for the release of China's blind activist Chen Guangcheng are turned back by the violence organized by the local government, Chinese bloggers explore the...

10 October 2011

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China: “Do you have memories from before you were kidnapped?”

7 Billion Actions

A new crowd-funded documentary, Living with Dead Hearts, tells the story of the thousands of children in China who are victims of kidnapping. Through interviews with both parents and formerly...

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