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Aleksandra Irnazarow

Contributor profile · 3 posts · joined 27 October 2012

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I want to bring you stories and perspectives from Russia outside of the Moscow bubble, especially from faraway regions such as Middle Volga, Caucasus and Far East.
I was very fortunate to have lived and grown up in Poland and Russia. Recently I studied economics at the University College London. I'm passionate about Eurasia, the rich history and culture of its peoples.

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Latest posts by Aleksandra Irnazarow

25 March 2013

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Shades of Communism in New Russian Registration Law

RuNet Echo

On the evening of March 18, 2013 group of around 12 people [ru] unveiled a long black-and-white poster in the Red Square, reading “Go f*ck yourself with your registration”. They...

20 December 2012

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Tempers Flare As Court Frees Dagestani Boxer Who Killed Russian Teenager

RuNet Echo

Rasul Mirzaev, a 26-year-old mixed martial arts world champion from Dagestan, is a convicted killer. His victim was a 19-year-old Russian man, Ivan Agafonov, whom he murdered in a scuffle...

9 November 2012

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Russia's Volunteer Aid Capacity, On Vivid Display in Krymsk, Is Absent in Dagestan

RuNet Echo

In the aftermath of flood in Krymsk, Russia saw an outpouring of volunteer efforts, with civil society and representatives of different political fractions coming together to aid Krymsk's citizens. Perhaps...

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