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Recycling Fashion

Written by Luis Flores · Translated by Gabriela García Calderón On 10 July 2014 @ 17:00 pm | No Comments

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Thread made up of used T-shirts, one of many usar for old clothes. Image [1] by lomurella [2] on flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0). [3]

This week, Rut Abraín [4] from Esturirafi [5] shares some wonderful ideas that would help our economy and reduce space in our closets, even help people in need, and the planet, by recycling our used clothes [6]:

Durante años, he ido acumulando ropa que no usaba. La iba dejando en el montón de “ropa que no uso” y al final la acababa regalando o dejando en el fondo de un armario. Cuando fui a revisarla, me di cuenta que muchas de esas prendas estaban perfectamente y que sólo les había cogido manía, otras no me servían  y algunas estaban rotas o manchadas.

For years, I've been storing clothes I didn't use anymore. It accumulated on the pile of “clothes I don't use” that I ended up giving away or leaving at the bottom of the closet. When I checked it, I realized that many of them where in perfect shape and I just didn't like it, other were no more useful amd some had stains or holes.

According to her, the most effective ways of making the most out of it are: put it on containers for the needy, donate it or give it to a friend or relative that may want it, or remake it or use the fabric to make new things as bags or tableclothes.

To read more about conservation of the environment, you can follow Rut on her blog Esturirafi [5] and Twitter [7].

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