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The Importance of Maths in Education

Written by Juan ArellanoTranslated by Gabriela García Calderón On 4 June 2014 @ 17:00 pm | No Comments

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Carlos Thompson from The Chlewey Blog writes [1] [es] about the importance of teaching Maths in Colombia in relation to the poor performance the country had in international tests of quality of education [2] [es]:

Las matemáticas dan mucho más que la capacidad de contar las vueltas en una tienda; o las destrezas específicas para entrar a una facultad de ingeniería. Las matemáticas generan una estructura mental que benefician también al médico, al comunicador social o al sociólogo, no específicamente para tener éxito en su profesión sino cómo ciudadano en una democracia y como una persona que influye en una sociedad.

Maths provide much more than the ability of countng the change at the store, or the specific abilities to be admitted into Engineering School. Maths generate a mental structure that also benefits the physician, the social communicator or the socióogist, not specificlaly to be successful in their profession, but as citizens in a democracy and as individuals that have influence in a society.

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