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Adventures of a Cyclist in Mexico City

Written by Gabriela Garcia Calderon Orbe · Translated by Gabriela García Calderón On 24 May 2014 @ 6:00 am | No Comments

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Global Voices contributor Andrea Arzaba [1] blogged about her adventures [2] the first time she went through Mexico D.F.:

There was no turning back. I took the card from my wallet and slided it through the Ecobici reader. This was the first time I went to work riding a bike. You usually know how to ride a bike at very young age, when you go to the park and after hours of practicing, from four wheels you go to just two. You feel the king of the universe, invincible, nothing can reach you, not even the wind.


Well, Andrea, you are ready. This can't be that difficult. Very well combed and formal, wearing a beige jacket and a black dress. Ready to be on time at the office.


Because a cyclist can move around in a car and can be a pedestrian too, just as a driver might want to take the bike once in a while. I mean, we are not in different teams: we are all individuals looking for more efficient ways to move around the city.

According to some estimates, in Mexico there are around 225 vehicles [3] [es] per thousand residents, and Mexico City and its metropolitan area houses more than 20 millionp people.

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