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@metroaverias, Monitoring Madrid Metro

Written by Juan Arellano · Translated by Gabriela García Calderón On 15 May 2014 @ 4:00 am | No Comments

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M. Luz Congosto writes [1] [es] on Barriblog that due to budget cuts in Spain, the quality of public services has been affected, and it is evident with Madrid Metro [2], and social networks reflect this:

Many citizens behave as human sensors when they use Twitter to regret about the deterioration of the service and upload pictures related to their complaints. Those tweets by themselves are small, but get more value when they are aggregated and reveal the most critical points of how the service works, and point out which lines receive more complaints and what are toe most frequent ones.

So, they decided to create a service to measure the complaints by the users and to alert o potential service interruptions: @metroaverias [3].

@metroaverias [3] is a bot [4] that listens to tweets refered to Madrid Metro and analyzes their content to detect complaints, alert of possible breakdowns amd tweets periodically the results of their reports. It uses a dictionary of classified words in different kind of complaints and associate them to metro lines when they are mentioned.

Besides sending tweets in different times, the bot generates daily and weekly reports.

Week march 24-30 ▒ weekly report

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