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Correction to Chosun Newspaper in South Korea

Written by Solana Larsen On 17 February 2014 @ 12:04 pm | 3 Comments

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Screen shot of Chosun newspaper

Screen shot of Chosun newspaper website (4 Feb, 2014)

In an article that lists Global Voices as one of several “non-legitimate”, “foreign media websites” who “spread rumors about South Korea” abroad, South Korean pro-government newspaper Chosun falsely describes [1] our Korean editor Yoo Eun Lee [2] as, “a dark-haired Korean-American blogger, who goes by a last name starting with L”.

Lee's identity is not in the least secret – she's a Korean media professional currently living in the United States (and actually she currently has light brown hair). We stand by her coverage of an election manipulation scandal [3] in South Korea, clampdowns on labor groups [4], and an increasingly hostile environment for Korean journalists [5].

Chosun further tries to demonstrate our untrustworthiness by saying that Global Voices misrepresents itself as having an affiliation to Harvard Law School, but that their “own investigation” shows we are “just a blog site”.

Apparently there is an outdated description of Global Voices on a major Korean website (with no connection to us) that describes us as a Harvard Law School project. The truth is that Global Voices was founded in 2005 at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society [6], which is indeed housed at Harvard Law School. But today, Global Voices is an independent non-profit organization [7] incorporated in The Netherlands.

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