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PHOTOS: Costa Ricans in the Diaspora Vote for the First Time

Written by Roy Rojas · Translated by Gabriela García Calderón On 2 February 2014 @ 20:06 pm | No Comments

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For the first time Costa Ricans living abroad are allowed to vote in a presidential election [1]. From around the world, Costa Ricans have been using Twitter to report about their vote.

This time, we, the 15,000 Costa Ricans living abroad, are key, our votes might avoid a run-off.

From Costa Ricans living in Australia, the first ones to cast their vote, to the ones based in Japan, France, the United States and elsewhere, citizens are reporting about their vote with expressions full of excitement.

Stephanie reports from Washington:

I live my vote in Washington, DC.

Francisco traveled from Boston to New York to exercise his right to vote.

Francisco Delgado studies in Boston and went to New York to vote.

Also from the United States, Diego Rivera shares this picture:

I already voted!!! (Consulate of Costa Rica in Miami!)

From Brussels, Silvia Muñoz and Alexander Molina celebrate their vote:

In Brussels, the administrative capital of Europe, Silvia Muñoz Solano and Alexander Molina López voted.

All the way from China, a young woman from Cartago reports her vote:

Sofía Hernández, from Cartago, voted in China. The poll station in Beijing ended the day already.

And Adolfo Chaves reports from The Hague, Netherlands:

My vote in The Hague.

More pictures and reports on the hashtags #VotoExteriorCR [19] [vote abroad Costa Rica], #EleccionesCR [2] [election Costa Rica] and #VivoMiVoto [6] [I live my vote].

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