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Egypt: What's Next for Field Marshal El Sissi?

Written by Amira Al Hussaini On 27 January 2014 @ 14:26 pm | No Comments

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Egypt's army head General Abdel Fattah El Sissi is now a Field Marshal, the country's top military rank. It is not clear whether the promotion, announced by interim president Adli Mansour, is a prelude to Sissi stepping down from his position and running for president in elections scheduled for the end of April.

The announcement was met with ridicule on social media.

Egyptian Mohamed El Dahshan says Sissi's promotion has an environmental benefit [ar]:

It's good that Sisi has become a Field Marshal. We can now re-use the banners and stickers which called for overthrowing the Marshal's regime. It is also good for the environment.

From Saudi Arabia, Essam Al Zamil says the promotion is a prelude to him becoming an “ousted president.”

Al Sisi has promoted himself to Field Marshall. Let's hope we see him as an ousted president.

While Egyptian Noha Zayed considers another pain:

With much pain, I thank God that my brother is dead (killed at the hands of this monster) so that he doesn't see what is happening.

And Jordanain Mohammad Al-Abed jokes:

According to Amr Hussein, Sissi is the fifth person to attain this coveted position:

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