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VIDEO: Your Dreams Are the Chinese Communist Party's Dreams

On the heels of the success of their video “How to become a top leader?” comparing Chinese top leaders to Kungfu masters, the production team Road to Revival has uploaded another video, “Chinese Communist Party with you along the way” on major Chinese social media website youku.

The three-minute video appears to be an advertising campaign for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), an effort to invoke soft power through the video. Like the first video, this one also talks about the hopes of Chinese people:

It starts with a short introduction about modern China, and then goes on to show ordinary Chinese people talking about what they wish for:

I want more pension, I want blue sky and cleaner water. I want a world free of wars.  

In the end, the video emphasizes that the hopes and dreams of ordinary Chinese are also the goals of the Chinese Communist Party. The video, with English narration, says:

A screenshot of the video from youtube

A screenshot of the video “With You Along the Way” from youku

On the road chasing our dreams, we walk side by side, sharing weal and woe, transcending differences and shaping the future together, the Communist Party of China is with you along the way.

Both two videos come as President Xi Jinping puts emphasis on the importance of increasing China’s soft power and connecting with ordinary people, including the recent news about him eating buns at a regular restaurant.

This approach seems to be effective, and many netizens like the video, as they think it's a good start that the government has realized the importance of promoting their image. One netizen “huyong210wrote:


Absolutely international-level ad campaign about CCP! CCP should promote itself outside of China, so the foreigners will know what they are doing and thinking and why they are doing it, instead of still considering CCP as the communist party in the former Soviet Union.

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