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Peru: The Most Popular on Social Networks

Written by Gabriela Garcia Calderon Orbe · Translated by Gabriela García Calderón On 1 January 2014 @ 16:43 pm | No Comments

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The blog Útero.pe presents the list of the ten Peruvian most talked about events [1] [es] on social networks during 2013, made up thanks to votes by the readers:

Sinceramente estábamos esperando que alguien más haga este ránking. Pero como nadie lo hizo, aquí vamos nosotros.

La idea fue elaborar una lista con los fenómenos/incidentes más sonados que hayan nacido en las redes sociales de nuestro rico Perú.

We were honestly expecting that someone else would make this list. But as no one did, here we go.

The idea was to prepare a list with the phenomena/incidents most taled about orginated on social networks in our rich Peru.

The list is diverse and includes politicians [2], artists and common citizens [3] [es] who became famous due to its impact on the networks.

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[2] politicians: http://globalvoicesonline.org/2013/05/28/garcia-and-toledo-two-former-peruvian-presidents-in-trouble/

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