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Colombia: 60 Unfading Phrases of 2013

Written by Cati Restrepo · Translated by Gabriela García Calderón On 28 December 2013 @ 17:26 pm | No Comments

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The blog Unfading phrases of Colombians [1] [es] features the 60 unfading phrases of 2013 [2] [es]. This an annual compilation, or from nationalwide events, such as football soccer [3] [es].

The ongoing peace negotiation process held in Havana, Cuba, [4] was among the topics of the selected phrases, as the one by Colombian comedian Ricardo Quevedo:

My sex life as the peace in Colombia, there is dialogue but nothing gets set.

Undoubtledly, the most talked about pharse was said by the country's president during the agrarian strike that started on August 19 and ended 21 days later: “The so called national agrarian strike doesn't exist [6]” [es].

The orginal Spanish term “inmarcesible” (unfading) is used by the blog as a refrence to one of the verses of the Colombian national anthem [7].

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