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PHOTOS: Protesting South Korea's Election Manipulation in New York, Paris, London

Written by Lee Yoo Eun On 21 December 2013 @ 15:28 pm | 4 Comments

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South Koreans living abroad have held candlelight vigils in New York, Paris, London and Berlin throughout this week, condemning the manipulation of public opinion [1] by South Korean government agencies leading up to the latest presidential election. More protests are planned in various major cities around the world next week. Follow @OverseasCandle [2] for updates. 

South Koreans’ protest in New York City on the night of December 20:  

After having held overseas candlelight rallies in Paris, Berlin (earlier this week), we went to Manhattan. About 100 people have participated. Please support us!

This is the scene of the overseas candlelight vigil in New York City. Such a touching moment! 

A candlelight rally in Paris, France on December 20: 

This is a photo of overseas candlelight rally in Paris. 

I am uploading a picture of the Paris candlelight rally here. Please specify it as ‘Paris candlelight rally by citizens’ when you share it. 

A protest in London on December 21: 

This is the photo of London's protest which was held under the slogan of ‘We Want Our Democracy Back'. People's raincoats and umbrellas show the weather here in London.

We, who ‘are not fine’ [about things happening in South Korea], have gathered on this rainy and windy day. What has made us ‘not okay'? The answer is in the photo. 

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