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Bahrain Preacher: “Celebrating National Day is a Sin”

Written by Amira Al Hussaini On 20 December 2013 @ 20:04 pm | 1 Comment

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Google marked Bahrain's National Day with this Doodle

Google marked Bahrain's National Day with this Doodle. Photo credit: @JustJa3far [1]

Bahraini blogger Manaf Al Muhandis tweets from a sermon before Friday prayers in Bahrain, in which the preacher declares that celebrating National Day is a sin.

He says:

During the Friday prayers sermon, the clergyman Adel Al Hamad, said that celebrating national day is a sin (haram)- as serious as drinking alcohol.

He adds:

Adel Al Hamad says that nationalism is an illusion and that people cannot be united on the love of the nation because Allah (God) doesn't unite the beleivers and the infidels under one cause

During the sermon, Al Hamad also touches on Bahrain's relationship with Iran. Al Muhandis tweets:

Adel Al Hamad says regarding the rule on the relationship with Iran is that it is a country which curses Prophet Muhammed's companions. And that any person who doesn't follow the Sunni sect of Islam, is a person who is crazy

Al Muhandis adds:

Many ask me why I pray at Al Nusuf (mosque). It's a free stand-up comedy show

He shares this video [8] on Instagram, where the preacher says that dancing and drumming to mark National Day is haram.

Bahrain marks its National Day on December 16.

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