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South Korea's ‘Gas Tank Grandpas’ Block Protests in US

Written by Lee Yoo Eun On 13 December 2013 @ 15:10 pm | 3 Comments

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Notorious right wing extremists who go by their nickname ‘Gas Tank Grandpas [1]‘ have continued to obstruct protests held by South Koreans living in the United States against the snowballing election manipulation allegations [2].

Storify user @wjsfree [3] shared images [4] of right wing groups trying to block a small peaceful demonstration held at Yale University earlier this week. Youtube user biophysics7 [5] shared raw footage of the clash [6] embedded below.

Back in September, protesters even caught on tape [7] (no English subtitle yet) one of these ‘Grandpas’ accidentally divulging, while obstructing a candlelight vigil in New York City, that they were paid 100 dollars per protest they block [8] by powerhouses and conservative political groups.

Identified by their extreme language, bandannas and military uniforms, these violent ‘Grandpas’ are exclusively comprised of elderly men well over 50 and have earned their nickname for wielding all sorts of weapons, including a portable gas tank, a fire extinguisher and sticks, while calling protesters ‘Anti-government commies'.

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