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French Strategical Report to Counter China's Economic Influence in Africa

Written by Rakotomalala On 4 December 2013 @ 16:10 pm | 2 Comments

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Top Francophone economists & diplomats (namely H El-Karoui from Morocco, T Thiam from Côte d'Ivoire,  L Zinsou from Benin, J-M Severino and H Vedrine from France) submitted a joint report [1] [fr] that outlines the strategy that France should implement to remain competitive on the African Market in the near future. Joel Té-Léssia highlights 15 key points [2] [fr] from the report, one of which is to do away with the “Zone Franc” policy and to allow the regional currency to fluctuate with respect to the Euros. Té-Léssia also underlines the fact that the report is clearly devised to counter  growing influence of China [3] and other emerging nations in the Africa continent. Africa economic growth is projected at 5.2 % [4] in 2014. 

 Six special economic zones setup by the PRC in four African countries on wikipedia CC-BY-2.0 [5]

Six special economic zones setup by the PRC in four African countries on wikipedia CC-BY-2.0

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