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Facebook Refused to Delete a Video on How to Make a Petrol Bomb

Written by Rezwan On 4 December 2013 @ 21:29 pm | 1 Comment

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During the recent political violence in Bangladesh [1] there were many instances of petrol bomb attacks on public transport full of passengers which killed and injured many. A video emerged in Facebook [2] [bn] last May posted by a radical person on how to make a petrol bomb and throw it to political opposition and policemen. The video also included violent messages (in Bengali) which was widely shared. A snapshot of the narrative:

পেট্রোল বোমা বানানোর সহজ টিপস । জামাত, শিবির, হেফাজত সহ সকল ইসলামী আন্দোলনের কর্মীদের বলছি:

অবশ্যই, অবশ্যয়ে, অবশ্যই অস্ত্র হাতে নেয়া মুসলমানের জন্য অবধারিত হয়ে পরেছে.

An easy tip to make a petrol bomb. Calling Jamaat, Shibir, Hefazat and other Islami movement activists:

It has become a must for the Muslims to pick up weapon and hit back..

Journalist Tasneem Khalil tried to report this video to Facebook. But Facebook refused to remove it and replied with this message [3]:

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